Plant Based Diet
Plant Based Diet
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Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Treatment: A Plant Based Diet
Arthritis Treatment: A Plant Based Diet

Arthritis treatment varies depending on the type and severity and arthritis symptoms being treated. Check here to find more information on types of arthritis. The main goals of arthritis treatment include the reduction of inflammation and improved function of affected joints.

Disease in the body is being increasingly linked to inflammation and arthritis is not an exception. Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear of a joint and now research indicates that inflammation is also a cause and may actually make the environment that causes the wear and tear of the joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the immune system attacking the joint leading to an inflammatory response. Infectious arthritis is caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites in the joint, which leads to an inflammatory response. The inflammatory responses lead to swelling, pain, and erosion of the joint.

Arthritis Treatment: A Plant Based Diet Combats Disease an Inflammation

Arthritis treatment ranges from occupational and physical therapy, to drugs to treat infections, to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids to treat pain and inflammation, to weight loss through changes in the diet to take pressures off of joints.

We need to think about the things we are doing that introduce and support disease in our bodies, and then address those things instead of trying to use medicine to combat diseases we are introducing into bodies. We need to address the problem proactively.

We Contribute To Inflammation And Arthritis

Studies indicate that many of the foods we eat and our lack of movement contribute to disease and chronic inflammation in our bodies.

Eating factory farmed meat encourages the development disease and inflammation in the body because these animals are raised in stressful conditions which lead to the development of disease in the animals.

These animals are then treated with antibiotics to treat the diseases and the diseases become resistant to the antibiotics over time. These animals are also given various types of hormones to make them grow faster and bigger.

Compounds found in animals products, like Neu5Gc, are viewed as foreign substances and trigger inflammatory responses in our bodies.

The end result is we then eat the meat that contains these antibiotic resistant diseases and growth hormones. They throw off the natural balance of our bodies and trigger inflammatory responses.

Consumption of high protein and high fat diets have been linked to higher rates of rheumatoid arthritis. Studies have shown that people who eat large amounts of animal protein or more prone to not digest the protein properly. Large protein molecules can then enter the bloodstream and trigger inflammatory reactions in the body.

Many processed meats and foods lack fiber and contain high amounts of fat, processed sugar, additives, and preservatives. This combination contributes to high cholesterol levels and introduces foreign substances which again triggers inflammatory responses in the body.

Diets high is these foods and substances keep the inflammatory responses going in the body and promotes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation compromises the immune system and attacks our healthy cells.

Studies have shown that removing animal protein and fats from the diet have eliminated or greatly reduced the swelling and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis Diet: A Plant Based Diet

It appears that we can proactively address arthritis by adopting an arthritis diet, which will reduce disease and inflammation, and will help strengthen the immune system. We can also call an arthritis diet a plant based diet.

A whole food plant based diet will remove the fat laden meat, diseases, hormones, additives, preservatives, and additive sugar that triggers inflammatory responses and compromises our immune system.

In addition to removing these illness inducing substances, plant life is abundant in antioxidants and phytochemicals that reduce inflammation, support the autoimmune system, and fight disease.

I am a middle aged man with the vitality of a twenty year old. I haven’t been sick since I have adopted a plant based diet, not even a cold. I am highly active and suffer no muscle or joint pain, not even in my surgically repaired knee which is susceptible to arthritis. This is all thanks to my plant based diet. A plant based diet has been more than just an arthritis treatment for me, it also supports my high energy level and healthy living.

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