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The Benefits of Noni Juice

By | December 5th, 2012 | Modified - June 23rd, 2017

What Is Noni Juice? Benefits Of Drinking Noni Juice

Whole Food Plant Based Diet Benefits of Noni Juice
Benefits of Noni Juice

Noni juice is derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the Caribbean. There are a lot of claims of the benefits of noni juice which includes its ability to fight cancer, lower cholesterol, increase energy, and to cause weight loss.

We receive a lot of information in this age of technology and we often rely on big business to supply us with information about the benefits of products. Sometimes vested interests get in the way of information being truthfully relayed, and sometimes people wil tout the benefits of a produce and they don’t pan out.

I was glad to learn from my aunt about her experiences using noni juice, and what the benefits of noni juice were. My aunt started drinking noni juice for its benefits, and she didn’t know that one of the noni health benefits would be weight loss. This was an added benefit of noni juice, because her main goal was to drink noni juice to strengthen her immune system and to keep any cancers at bay.

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Benefits Of Noni Juice – Weight Loss

I will start first with what I could see first hand which was weight loss, and I can say my aunt lost a lot of weight drinking noni juice. I also start with the weight loss benefits of noni juice because I realize that many people are really interested in losing weight, sometimes more so than strengthening their health. I wish for people to lose weight in a healthy way, and it appears that the benefits of drinking noni juice can help with that.

Nitric Oxide Fuels Noni Benefits

A theory as to why noni juice causes weight loss is that when it is consumed it produces nitric oxide in the body. Muscles use and metabolize a lot of energy and nitric oxide which is produced in the body is involved in the process. Nitric oxide pulls energy from different sources for muscles to use, and one of the sources is from fat cells in the body. This reduces triglycerides (energy) stored in fat cells, which reduces the weight of the fat cells. Drinking noni juice increases the amount of nitric acid in the body, which increases the amount of triglycerides that are removed from fat cells resulting in weight loss.

When my aunt started drinking noni juice she was wasn’t paying attention to her weight loss, because that wasn’t one of the benefits of noni juice she was looking for when she began drinking noni juice. She did pay attention to was her increased energy and good mood though. But some family members were paying attention to her weight loss, and some thought something might be wrong with her. The idea that something was wrong was the furthest thing from my aunt’s mind though because she felt great.

The whispers of concern, the whispers of cancer started to circulate, but my aunt wasn’t concerned. She told me she tried to assure family members that nothing could be wrong because drinking noni juice made her feel wonderfully energetic, and if she had cancer there was no way she could feel that way. To appease family members she did get checked for cancer and she received a clean bill of health.

What was a bit ironic was that she began drinking noni juice to strengthen her immune system and to keep any cancers away, but cancer was the thing some family members thought she had.

My aunt did learn that she was drinking too much noni juice and she has now cut back, but the weight still hasn’t come back. To reap the benefits of noni juice people would let the noni fruit over-ripen and would then pour off its juice. My aunt blended the whole fruit because she wanted the juice right away, and that made the juice too concentrated and too potent.

Now she lets the noni fruit over-ripen and then pours off the noni juice that had collected, though she does blend the whole fruit occasionally. Family members have tried to have my aunt stop drinking noni juice because it had made her too slim for some of their taste. My aunt isn’t concerned with losing any more weight so she has cut down on the amount she drinks, but she will occasionally drink noni juice because she loves the way it makes her feel.

Benefits Of Noni Juice

There are numerous claims about the benefits of noni juice. I was not familiar with noni juice and I am learning about its benefits. People claim that noni juice can cure cancer, reduce cholesterol, cause weight loss, increase energy, reduce fevers, cure ulcers, and more. There hasn’t been enough scientific research done to support these claims. I now have first hand experience with my aunt and other family members who have achieved weight loss and super increased energy drinking noni juice.

Taking Noni Juice

Before I get into how to prepare noni and its proper dosage, I must say that noni juice should be approached as a medicine to gain the benefits of noni juice. Take drink a bad tasting cold or flu medicine because we know it offers medical benefits. You will have to approach noni juice in the same way, for the medical benefits of noni juice.

Noni juice doesn’t smell good at all and you probably won’t be able to drink it like your favorit juice. Pure noni juice smells and tastes bad. My aunt is a trooper because she drank it straight, without a chaser. Noni juice bought in store is mixed with grape juice and other juices to make it taste and smell good, but they are less effective than pure noni juice. The reason is you will be drinking less noni juice per serving when drinking the mixed bottled noni juice. One tablespoon of pure noni juice will give you more noni juice than one tablespoon of mixed noni juice, and one bottle of pure noni juice will give you more noni juice than one bottle of mixed noni juice.

The dosage listed below is 1 tablespoon, and my aunt drank 3 ounces at a time some times. Since she was able to drink so much, I guess a person will probably just get used to it. Either that or the good feeling gained from drinking noni juice outweighed the bad smell and taste.

Noni juice should be prepared by putting a bunch of ripe noni fruit into a container and covering it. That’s it. It needs to sit and the juice will start dripping from the fruit. My aunt gives an explanation in the video. What she does now is to pour off a little of the juice daily, instead of letting all the juice drip from the noni fruits, which some people do and which takes time.

Regiment for taking pure noni juice:

Note: It takes around 3 weeks to start seeing results

This regimen is for taking the pure noni juice the way my aunt makes it. If you are buying store bought noni juice, follow the directions on the bottle.

  • 1 tablespoon every other day for 6 weeks, then
  • 1 tablespoon per week for 6 months, then
  • 1 tablespoon once per month
  • 1/2 hour before a meal or 1 hour after a meal

Nitric Oxide
Using Nitric Oxide for Weight Loss

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