Plant Based Diet
Plant Based Diet
By | April 15th, 2014 | Modified - March 8th, 2015

Build Your God Body

Build Your God Body - Religion Tells Us Our Bodies Are Temples Of God's Spirit
Build Your God Body – Religion Tells Us Our Bodies Are Temples Of God’s Spirit

Natural Life Energy
I am a religious person and this post is not aimed towards anyone of any particular religion, but to all religions.

There is an underlying way of thought that runs through most religions and more than often we don’t pay attention to the essential thought enough.

“Our bodies are the temple of God’s spirit.” I don’t want to speak to anyone one religion so please check for yourself to see if this is true of your religion.

We are tasked with keeping the temple strong to assist the spirit of God to shine bright within us.

When I analyze religion the type of person religion wants to develop it one who is kind, considerate, compassionate, thoughtful, respectful, sharing, giving, honest, patient, and empathetic.

Religions in their different ways give codes of action to develop these characteristics in times of ease and times of confrontation.

The codes are given to align our consciousness with the spirit of God, and our bodies do the same thing but only under the right conditions.

The condition of our temples affects our emotional and mental state of being.

I believe the devil was real devious in his understanding that attacking humans through their temples, their physical connection to the spirit, was equally as important or more important than attacking through the mental connection to the spirit.

We have been duped into thinking the physical manifestation of the temple has nothing to do with the strength of our connection to God’s spirit. The attack on the temple is done by making gluttony acceptable and a welcome state of being, because it is associated with being wealthy.

Alongside this we have been conditioned to want to eat man-made processed food over God given food, which works to keep our bodies in tune with the natural order of things, the spirit of God.

We give the devil power over us when we indulge in what is not natural to our temples and spirit, and we build societies in the image of the devil and not in the image of God.

The natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes God has given us sustain, heal, and strengthen these temples of God. Processed food, which is made through chemically altering the natural state of food, is not properly recognized by the temple.

It destroys the temple and interferes with the positive connection to the spirit of God. It makes us complacent and controllable.

The large amount of meat, animal protein, also does the same thing. Though some meat has been made lawful for us to eat, meat was not a large part of the diet in the past.

Meat was harder to come by than natural vegetation, but today meat is easily on the plate of every meal.

The crazy thing meat is really expensive to produce and the only way we are able to eat so much meat is because the government gives subsidies to meat producers to lower the cost of meat.

The government is paying to keep meat on our tables, even though the over consumption of meat severely compromises our health and our temples.

Processed food and too much meat consumption makes us sick, irritable,and impatient, interfering with our positive connection to God.

What do you think?

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About Author:

I obtained a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University, a BA in Organizational Behavior and Communications from NYU, worked as an elementary school teacher, and have studied social work. I am a web designer/developer and I enjoy boxing, kick boxing, cycling, power walking, and basically anything challenging, and my plant based diet supports all that I do. Eating a plant based diet and exercising is a great way to achieve healthy living. ~ Natural Life Energy

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  • Darlene says:

    An assault from a hidden adversary pierced their
    God-given purity and started taking them along
    the shadowed, twisted pathways of self survival. In the past, the majority
    of enlightened beings came from the East, places like India, China, Korea
    and Japan. As a Christian, you are called to be “in the world” but not “of the world”
    in every decision you make.
    Darlene recently posted…DarleneMy Profile

  • Pete says:

    I know that you box too. That’s what attracted me to your site. You’re living the life that I’m attempting to live, and I’m excited to see where this will lead me.
    Thank you for the good wishes, and I wish you all the best as well.

    God bless.

  • Pete says:

    Great post.
    I’m aware that satan will attack believers using many avenues, but I never stopped to consider that he would attack us through our bodies.
    Interesting perspective, and one that I would agree with.
    At the risk of sounding nutty, I believe that the brutality that is employed in order to feed us meat is transferred to our spirit, and drives us away from God.
    I’m a 48 year old boxer who is transitioning to a plant based diet. Presently eating no meat, (for the last 5 weeks). Fish twice a week, and a small amount of dairy, but my goal is a completely plant based diet.
    I found your website earlier today, and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

    • Aqiyl says:

      Hi Pete, I don’t know if you know, but I am a 46 year old boxer. Transitioning to a plant based diet has worked wonders for me. My health is much better now and I see things much more clearly in the ring. I totally agree with you about the brutality employed to provide the tainted meat is transferred to the spirit. I wish you much success in your journey.


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