Plant Based Diet
Plant Based Diet
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A Nutrient Dense Energy Food

Health Benefits of Dates
Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are a fruit that many people are more familiar with in the east than the west, but since it is a fruit that is highly nutritious the health benefits of dates is now gaining recognition in the west.

The nutritional benefits of dates are that they are high in fiber, low in fat, high in simple carbohydrates, and they don’t contain cholesterol. They are simply a healthy energy food to provide healthy living.

Check here for the dates nutrition listing.

Health Benefits Of Dates – Improved Muscle Function

Eating dates are a good way to support healthy heart and muscle function. The heart and muscles need proper amounts of electrolytes to support normal electrical activity in the muscles. Dates are high in the potassium and magnesium electrolytes. Without proper amounts of electrolytes you can experience muscle fatigue which can lead to a feeling of tiredness even though cell energy levels might be high.

Health Benefits Of Dates – Increased Fiber

Just four dates contain around 25% of the daily recommended allowance of fiber, and they are a good addition to the western diet which is fiber deficient, because of the high amount of low fiber processed foods that are eaten.

Health Benefits Of Dates – Increased Energy Levels

Date’s carbohydrates are made up mostly of simple sugars, and its simple sugars are easily and quickly converted in to glucose for cells to use as energy. Eating them before and after exercises, especially high cardiovascular exercises, will help fortify and replenish energy levels.

Health Benefits Of Dates – Low Fat

Dates contain very low levels of fat, and are a popular energy food among fruitarians because they are high in simple sugars and low in fat, which is an excellent combination for health. The body uses carbohydrates and fat for energy for cells, but the body uses carbohydrates first and then it uses fat. They western diet is high in fat, so fat often goes unused for energy and is stored in fats cells and can lead to obesity.

Impact On Health

You will find a lot of information that too much sugar is bad for your health and that it can spike the blood sugar level, but we must be specific when we speak about the sugar issue. Processed sugars are bad for you and additive sugars can also be bad for you. Sugar in fruit does not fall into this same category. The synergistic effect of sugar, fiber, and other nutrients in fruits make them a healthy choice for you.

Of course people suffering from diabetes should use caution when consuming sugar. Many studies which specifically study fruit sugars effect on blood sugar level do support that sugar from eating fruits do not have an adverse effect on health and blood sugar level. This video supports dates have no adverse effects on blood sugar level or weight, and provide improvements in triglyceride levels and antioxidant stress levels.

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  • Yvette says:

    Try them with nice, cold glass of Unsweetened almond milk :) Yummy, refreshing… food of the gods… delicious comfort food and healthy!

  • fiona mcbride says:

    My kids love a sweet treat of processing dates, nuts ( like cashews, almonds, walnuts) coconut -rolled into balls – very occasionally I add a little melted good 80% dark chocolate – this is preferable to any junk sugary sweets most kids eat. Alternatively I make a no added sugar moist date and walnut cake ( made with spelt flour) adding prune juice to soya milk in the cake makes it delicious and moist and tasty.

    • Aqiyl says:

      Yes Fiona, the yummy Date treat you described is definitely preferable to junk sugary sweets. Who would think that the Date treat you described is actually healthy, bravo! The Date walnut cake sounds wonderful. I don’t eat soy products so you will have to send the cake made with prunes instead. Why did you choose to use prunes?

      I ordered some barhi dates and should receive them today. I am looking forward to trying them for the first time. I am told they taste like butterscotch. :)
      Aqiyl recently posted…What Is Gluten? Is Gluten Bad For You? Gluten Free DietMy Profile

  • Evelyn says:

    Hi Aqiyl,

    I enjoy dates. My favorite thing to do is to stick an almond inside the date. It’s a good snack.

    I didn’t know the information about muscle function, so I will definitely start incorporating dates.

    I learn so much from I’ve never had the Hallawi dates. Have you?
    Evelyn recently posted…Benefits from FastingMy Profile


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