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My Blood Test pH Results

My Blood Blood Test pH Results
My Blood Blood Test pH Results/figcaption>

I recently received my blood test results and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that pH results were also included. I was able to get the results from last years test and was able to compare the pH levels to this year's results.

First of all, blood test pH should be between 7.35 and 7.45. Many take the average and say blood pH should be 7.4.

pH stands for "potential hydrogen" and is the ability of molecules to attract hydrogen ions. 7.0 is neutral on the pH scale. Blood becomes more acidic as you move from 7.0 to 0, and more alkaline as you move from 7.0 to 14. I have read some articles that I feel have been a bit extreme in claiming that blood pH dropping to 6.8 means death. If that were true I wouldn't be writing this article now.

The results from my blood test taken last year before I started on a vegan diet showed that my pH was 6.0. This year's pH result was a pH at 6.5. Yeah my pH had gone up, but I did think it would be much higher, closer to 7.4. Before I get into why I think the results weren't higher I will like to rebute articles I have read that state that nothing we ingest will change the alkalinity of the blood, because all foods that leave the stomach are acidic because of the highly acidic acid in the stomach.

blood ph result

I am adding a copy of my ph results. A person who made a comment below thinks my results ar impossible. I didn’t think there would be a reason to doubt my results so I am adding it so he can see it.

Well my pH went up and the thing I changed was that I went on a highly alkalizing vegan diet. So I say, yes alkaline foods raised my pH. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, alkaline grains, and ionized alkaline water raised my blood pH level.

Now back to my results. I was glad my pH level went up, but I was surprised it was still acidic, and not near 7.4. So right after I read my results I tested my saliva and urine with the pH strips I have, and they tested slightly acidic, between 6.5 and 6.8. Now I have been testing my pH levels up until about a week and a half before I had my blood-work checked and my saliva and urine were both alkaline, around 7.4. The only thing I was doing different in that week and a half was eat tons of pistachios, and not that i think about it I was eating less almonds because the pistachios were taking there place. Bad move on my part. The pistachios weren't on my nutritional guide, and sigh, for good reason. Pistachios are slightly acidic forming. Information I found say they are between 6.5 and 7.0, and I would say closer to 6.5. So I was adding an acidic food and reducing and alkaline food. I didn't think the pistachios would make that much of a difference. Maybe they wouldn't have if i wasn't eating a bag of pistachios a day. I have always had a thing for pistachios.

So I have been off my "crack" pistachios for about a week, and I have cranked my water ionizer back up to produce a higher alkaline water. I had turned it down to a low setting after I took my blood test because I didn't want to over alkalize my body. Yesterday I took a pH reading of my urine and it was close to 7.0, so it is on the rise. I didn't get to check my saliva pH though. I will continue to stay away from the pistachios, and in a month I am going back in to get another blood test done. Hopefully my pH will be around 7.4

The thing that amazes me is how quickly the urine pH has changed, which I think should be inline with my blood pH. I wonder if it will get to the point where my blood alkaline level will stabilize and will hold it's pH level longer even when more acidic foods are introduced, or will it always be easily influenced by the acidic foods introduced into my body? I will check my pH levels closely for the next few days, looking for it to get to 7.4 again. In the meantime I should be able to videotape my boxing workout tomorrow to show my cousin the this vegan "ain't" scrawny and malnourished. :) Some people still have that misconception and need examples that it isn't true.


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  • Mick says:

    Sorry, but I’m going to have to call BS on this. You either are not taking about a true blood pH test, or the test was badly skewed because the sample was contaminated or the machines not calibrated properly. I am a student of medicine, and my mother is a lab manager who is responsible for these millions of dollars worth of lab machines. I’ve had many of these test done as a volunteer for baselines so that machines could be calibrated and results correlated, and I know how sensitive they are, and how easily an inept lab tech can screw them up. If you had blood pH of 6, you would be dead, in a coma, or you are a freak of nature! pH that low is called acidemia. Even were your blood pH currently 6.5 you would be dead or in a coma. The body buffers the blood with minerals against such wide swings in pH, and the articles that disagree with you are largely correct. Blood is buffered to not change like that for that very reason, because to do so would have deleterious effects on cells and organ function. The blood is a much more stable and protected system than saliva and urine. Urine and saliva do not correlate much to blood pH, they swing wildly due to bacterial flora, and the waste acids that the kidneys dump. It seems that you don’t understand that at all. I’ll bet you wouldn’t find one physician who would believe that your pH was really 6.5 or lower…

    • Aqiyl says:

      Hi Mick, Thanks for taking time to comment. I am always willing to learn so I copied my results and posted them above in jpg form. I am not a doctor, and maybe I am reading it incorrectly and you can correct me. Thanks.
      Aqiyl recently posted…My Weight Loss Journey – How I Lost WeightMy Profile

      • Mick says:

        You’ve blackened out lines within this test result which have nothing to do with your identity, and yet might reveal that you are misinterpreting them. You have “Blood” and “pH” on separate lines of these results, and yet the lines directly adjacent “Blood” are blackened out. On the results I have seen, there is usually one line per test, and directly across from it is the result. I don’t think the results are “impossible”. I know that you having a serum pH as low as you claim and SURVIVING it is impossible. I think the test is in error, or they are using a reference range of 5.0-8.0 which is a scale which does not correlate directly to actual pH, or they took too long to run the sample, or used a collection vial with an improper additive for this test. If your actual arterial pH had fallen much below 7.31 it’s unlikely you would have survived very long outside of a clinical environment and without treatment and monitoring. You definitely would not be alive at 6.5. This is not an opinion. I would suggest that you actually call a physician and ask them; preferably an anesthesiologist would easily be able to tell you this, as blood gases and pH are critical to what they do.

        • Aqiyl says:

          Hi Mick, I blackened everything that was irrelevant to this conversation. My test results are my personal business and I was only sharing the ph results at this time. Everything that is blacked out are different things that were tested and the results are irrelevant to this discussion. I left blood open because on both test results the were both next to each other, which might have some correlation that you would be knowledgable about since you study medicine and are familiar with these tests. These are two different test results from two different years, so I highly doubt that their testing procedures were equally wrong in two different years for the same patient. You haven’t presented me with any information that show that the information is being read incorrectly. Ph is listed for both years, then the ph level is listed for both, and then the acceptable ph range is listed for both. I have no issue with the results, and since you are not able to show me how the results are incorrect, I will not amend the article at this time. If you are able to show me how the results are incorrect, I will gladly amend the article. Thanks for taking the time to respond back.
          Aqiyl recently posted…My Weight Loss Journey – How I Lost WeightMy Profile

  • Belinda Gale says:

    What about eating collard greens, sweet potatoes, brussell sprouts, turnips or beets

  • Thanks for this post. I have heard through discussions with other natural health retail specialists that urine ph can change daily based on what was ingested that day, whereas supposedly blood ph is a better overall indicator of the state of affairs in the body. Therefore I've never purchased ph test strips to check urine and saliva. I've gone by my body's symptoms of inflammation, digestive function, and immune function as signs that it is time to alkalize with more greens, minerals, and water with lemon.

    • Hi Eva, Yes I agree that the urine pH can change daily, and that saliva ph is a better indicator of the the overall pH of the body and blood. I am going in for another blood test for a couple of weeks and I will see what my blood pH is then. I do feel that both the saliva and urine pH are helpful in seeing where my body/blood pH is because when I checked my saliva/urine pH against the 6.5 of my blood pH, I was surprised that they were both around 6.5. My Saliva and urine had gotten to around 7.4 and the last time I checked it , about a week and a half before I took the blood test, which during that wee and a half time I started eating a lot pistachios. I think that pistachios brought my pH down. Since I stopped eating the pistachios and went back to eating a lot of almonds, my saliva/urine pH has gone back up. So I will continue to stay of the pistachios and go get my next blood test, and hopefully it will be higher than 6.5 and closer to 7.4. An important thing I was able to confirm is that alkaline foods will raise my blood pH, as it went from 6.0 to 6.5 as my blood work indicated.

  • Damany Henry. says:

    great post


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