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Plant Based Diet
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Power Walk On A Treadmill For A Full Body Workout To Lose Weight

Power Walking Technique
Power Walking Technique

I have picked up some good pointers for power walking on a treadmill for a full body workout and to lose weight. Not all walking on treadmill is equal, and different techniques will produce different results. My reason for power walking is to save myself from the pounding on my knees that result from running, but I also wanted to maintain the benefits of running which are: burning of calories, increased leg stamina, and the strengthening of my cardiovascular system.

In order for me to maintain the benefits of running, I incorporate specific techniques into my walking. Walking of any kind is good because it involves movement and the body needs adequate movement to support healthy living, but for my needs I need more than just regular walking. You can see the different approaches to walking from the video below. You can see people in the background walking on the treadmill, holding on to the rails. Also their walking is at a more casual rate.

I noticed with them, that they didn’t produce much sweat, which is an indication to me that they weren’t pushing themselves enough to break a sweat. Everyone exercises at different levels for various reasons. Some people may have just incorporated exercise into their lives and need to start off slowly so they do not injure themselves. Some people are aware of some techniques and not other techniques. One thing that I have noticed is that no one in the gym I attend power walks.

Power walking involves working out the legs and the upper body, and both involve specific techniques to reap the benefits of a cardiovascular, full body workout, and calorie burning.

A good pair of sneakers are needed. I use Nike Free sneakers because they are made to move with the natural movement of the foot. I found this to be really beneficial to working out my entire legs and butt, as the sneakers allow my toes to move and grab, which strengthens my arches and encourages full participation of my calves, thighs, hamstrings, and butt muscles. I feel far more activation of these muscles while power walking in barefoot running shoes, than from running.

It is important to take short strides. Before I started power walking, I used to run and take long strides. I later found out that this caused me to land on my heals, which caused a lot of shock to the joints in my legs. Power walking and even running with shorter strides make me land more on the balls of my feet, which reduces shock to my knees and helps to strengthen the arches in my feet. I also find that this activates my hamstrings more, resulting in a more complete workout for all of the muscles in my legs. I push off my back leg from the ball off foot rolling to the toes, while landing on the ball of my forward foot.

For the upper body it is important to keep the back straight and the shoulders rolled back. I bend my elbows, keep them close to the body, and pump my arms up and down so that the hands come to shoulder height or higher. This movement also strengthens my stomach (core) and lower back, as they work to keep my lower and upper body in sync and aligned. The pumping of the arms exercise my arms, shoulders, and upper back. This is a full body workout aimed towards making my body’s muscles work in sync.

It is important to start at slower speeds on the treadmill while incorporating these power walking techniques, and then build to higher speeds. Power walking using these techniques require very good balance, and starting at a slower speed will help you acquire the balance by training the body’s muscle memory to maintain the required movement.

Using these techniques while building to higher speeds will burn calories, align posture, work out and strengthen the calves, thighs, hamstring, butt, core, lower back, upper back, arms, and shoulders.

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