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Sun Gazing- Avoiding Eye Damage

Sun Gazing - Avoid Eye Damage
Sun Gazing – Avoiding Eye Damage

Why the heck would you attempt sun gazing? We all have been taught that looking directly into he sun for extended periods of time causes eye damage. Only an uneducated person or a miseducated person would attempt it? What could possibly be the benefit of sun gazing that you would risk damaging your eye sight? This is how western medical science teaches us how to view sun gazing but are we miseducated to promote partial or misinformation about sun gazing?

The short answer is we are correctly told sun gazing damages the eyes because the direct concentration of UV radiation can cause cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, pterygia – tissue growths on the whites of the eyes, skin cancer near the eyes, and photokeratitis – sunburn of the cornea. These are real and harmful conditions caused by the eyes being overly exposed the UV radiation from the sun. So why do people perform sun gazing when they must be damaging their eyes, and what possible benefits could outweigh the damage sun gazing can cause?

The long answer is we aren’t told UV radiation emitted by the sun occurs at different levels throughout the day and there are times during the day when there is no UV radiation coming from the sun. It has been proven by many sun gazers that sun gazing during these time periods is not harmful to the eyes. The safest time to perform sun gazing is within the first 45 minutes after sunrise and within 45 minutes before sunset, when there is normally 0 UV radiation coming from the sun. It is best to check the UV index at the time you will perform sun gazing because sometimes the UV does change within this 45 minute window.

Throughout the day the UV index increases and then decreases as the sun sets. You can see a chart of the UV index throughout the day for your area by putting zip code, state, or country here:

Check your sunrise and sunset time here: Sunrise and sunset times

Sun Gazing Benefits

I have found sun gazing testimonials from people who say it is beneficial if done properly, and there are studies that support its benefit as well. The western scientific community doesn’t support the validity of sun gazing though. I can understand the western point of view because the claims of what sun gazing can accomplish are extraordinary.

Masters of sun gazing claim to be able to live off the energy from the sun and not have to eat or drink anything. This sun gazing study of an Indian man who sun gazes supports this idea. His story is not the only one as there are other Indian gurus called breatharians who claim to be able to do the same thing.

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Outside of the incredible claim, other average people who perform sun gazing claimed the practice increased their energy, calmness, peace, health, and also reduced their need for food. The thought is the energy from the sun energizes and activates dormant areas of the brain, the pineal gland, stimulating physical and emotional healing in the body. It also supplies the energy that is stored in the food we eat.

Sun Gazing Method

  • To avoid eye damage it is very important to perform sun gazing only during the first 45 minutes after sunrise or during the last 45 minutes before sunset when the UV index is 0.
  • Stand on the bare earth barefoot to ground yourself to the earth. Do not stand on grass.
  • Look at the sun without blinking and visualize the energy of the sun filling your body with light and rejuvenating every cell of your body with the natural life energy of the sun.
  • This is done for 10 seconds of the first day of sun gazing. You add 10 seconds on every consecutive day, so on the second day you are gazing for 20 seconds and on the third day you are sun gazing for 30 seconds.
  • You only continue this until you reach 44 minutes of sun gazing. You stop sun gazing after 44 minutes which is normally the time the UV Index increases from 0.
  • It takes 9-10 months of daily sun gazing to reach 44 minutes and afterwards you walk 45 minutes each day barefooted on the bare earth for the 6 days following the completion of sun gazing.
  • Make it a habit to walk on the bare earth barefooted to keep yourself grounded. Doing so not only assists the absorption the the sun’s energy into your body it also helps to reconnect you to nature and encourages your oneness with it. You spend more time centering and removing your dependence on things and learn to appreciate just being.

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  • Yum Yucky says:

    I’m very intrigued with sun gazing. I once saw a show about it. One person had suffered blindness but the others experience great benefits. Gonna watch the video you posted here to learn more. I’m open to the idea of it. At the very minimum, it’s a wonderful to feel the warm sun on my face, even when my eyes are closed!
    Yum Yucky recently posted…Josie’s List of Workplace Emergency Survival Cache ItemsMy Profile

    • Aqiyl says:

      Hi Josie. It is very easy to damage your eyes if not done properly. In the case of the person who suffered blindness do you know if the person sungazed while the UV index was above 0? That seems like the only way one could damage his/her eyes. I also love the feel of the sun on my face. I am working sungazing into health routine. I will let you know how it goes.


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