Plant Based Diet
Plant Based Diet
By | September 22nd, 2013 | Modified - May 1st, 2015

Michael Boan’s Weight Loss Transformation

Michael Boan's Weight Loss Transformation
Michael Boan’s Weight Loss Transformation

My weight loss transformation: I was always the fat kid growing up and I was not very athletic. Growing up in a household where diet and exercise where not a priority, I rationalized that being overweight was “who I am.”

After my first year out of high school I visited my doctor for my yearly physical and I was told that I had high cholesterol. My doctor wanted to put me on prescription medication to address the problem. Needless to say I never went back to that doctor and I never took any medication, but it was time for a drastic change. I realized that I had to lose weight, and it was time for my weight loss transformation.

My weight loss transformation would be a drastic change because my finely refined diet consisted of any item on a drive thru value menu. I ate this way four to six times per week, and I ate out regularly on top of that. Chili’s, pizza, diner food, soft drinks, candy, and chips were some of my favorites.

My Weight Loss Transformation: Set A Goal

Set A Goal And Stick To It

I decided I wanted to go skydiving and the weight limit was 250lbs. I figured great, all I have to do is lose 50lbs and I can go sky diving.

Start Small

I started by eliminating fast food and soda, and then I hired a personal trainer with a modest goal to lose ten pounds before my vacation to Puerto Rico. I was able to lose the ten pounds and after my vacation I decided it was time to venture into a group exercise classes at my local gym. I found my niche there.

I found a boxing/endurance class there, and it was a difficult class at first. I remember vividly the terror I felt when the boxing instructor Bernard McNeil said, “Okay everybody ready? Let’s warm up 100 Jumping Jacks!”

I started boxing training with Bernard who I am thankful for because he was very patient to work with me at my skill level and he pushed me to become the stronger. Bernard also introduced me to the world of martial arts and Di Do Kwan / (Tae Kwan Do), and he is now a good friend of mine.

Mini Goals

I kept motivated by training for short 5K races with fellow gym members and longer mud runs like the “Tough Mudder.” I continued to modify my diet eating 6 meals a day and as little processed food as possible. I reduced the amount of times I would eat out while still making healthier choices when I did. Between boxing, running, and personal training I shed pounds with ease.

During this time I lost the fifty pounds I set my goal to lose and I was able to go skydiving! I wouldn’t stop there. I loved how I was feeling and how my body was transforming. I chose to continue on and see where this journey would lead me.

Do You Even Lift?

One member at the gym brought to my attention a book called “Starting Strength.” This book taught me the basic principles of weight lifting and strength training.

After reading it cover to cover, a friend and I began lifting at the gym religiously three days per week. Training with a gym buddy has so many benefits and always helps give me that extra push. The gains were almost instant; I was getting stronger and leaner.

The Missing Link: Diet And Nutrition

I continued to refine my diet virtually eliminating all processed food and refined grains. I used a simple little rule: If I put in my mouth and it has a TV commercial I probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Tae Kwan Do gave me the discipline to prove to myself that if I can train as hard as I do, then I could have the discipline to eat the way I train.

Through many failed attempts at dieting, I knew I needed help. Through a kickboxing class I take, I was introduced to Aqiyl, who used to box competitively as an amateur boxer, and who is now a nutritionist and herbalist.

Speaking with Aqiyl I insisted that I had to eat a lot of meat to be strong. Aqiyl told me that he ate a plant based diet and all I needed to do was look at this forty five year old man to understand that a meat protein wasn’t necessary to be strong. His ideals were simple…You don’t have to eat all meat and your hunger can still be satisfied, you can lose weight, build muscle, and be strong.

Introduction To The “Bam Bam” Vegetable Juice And Boxing With Aqiyl

Now, every morning when I wake up I drink a large glass of Aqiyl’s “Bam Bam” vegetable juice because it supports my high energy throughout the day and keep my digestive system healthy.

I was lazy and I didn’t make the juice probably four out of the first forty-five days since I started to make the Bam Bam vegetable juice. During those four days I felt very tired throughout the day. I admitted this to Aqiyl and he told me “Good, you learned something.”

He told me that my experience reinforces that the nutrient dense Bam Bam vegetable juice does support my healthy living and my energy. He also told me that since my energy level could drop so quickly after missing one day of drinking the Bam Bam juice that I needed to deep clean my organs with herbs.

I am now in the process of doing a long term deep organ cleanse with herbs.

It took some time to get used to the flavor of the Bam Bam drink but it is well worth every sip. Though I don’t eat a completely plant-based diet, I have removed pork from my diet and I reduced red meat to special occasions.

Though I still eat meat I eat mostly lean portions of chicken and turkey, and I have also cut my meat intake in half. I have really increased the amounts of vegetables, fruits, and legumes I eat and now they are a major part of my diet.

Aqiyl trains me once a week in boxing and he forces me to not be lazy, to focus, and to pay attention to details or I end up getting hit with the focus mitt. I also get the chance to go over my eating habits and learn more about the benefits of eating a clean whole-food plant-based alkaline diet.

What I’ve Learned

My weight loss transformation is all about heath and has very little to do with the numbers. I am always in pursuit of becoming the strongest I can be. I invite anyone willing to make the commitment to join me.

My weight loss transformation goals are simple, look good and feel great, but I now know I must do it the right way! All too often we will make a half hearted attempts to lose weight, many times using unsafe or unsustainable methods. Body recomposition is NOT a goal it is a lifelong journey.

I have learned the benefits of a reduced meat and plant based diet. I feel better both physically and mentally, while giving my body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. I align the foods I eat with the person I want to become. I stopped looking at the numbers and now I focus on how I feel.

I can’t achieve healthy living being overweight, having a lack of energy, or being sick. Though I haven’t adopted a plant based diet my weight loss transformation and increased energy is directly related to removing processed foods and reducing meat from my diet, while increasing the amount of whole-food plant-based life I eat.


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About Author:

Michael Boan is the operations manager for American Gold and Silver Fund he helps people convert unwanted gold and silver items into spendable cash. He also facilitates fundraising events for businesses and nonprofit organizations that host gold buying events. In his free time he enjoys boxing, running, skydiving, and weightlifting.

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