Plant Based Diet
Plant Based Diet
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What Does Your Liver Do?

What Does Your Liver Do?
What Does Your Liver Do?

It is very important to understand “What does your liver do?” and “liver damage symptoms”. We often take our bodies for granted and think they will continue to operate efficiently no matter what we do to them. We may actually think that things that go wrong with our bodies are not due to what we put in them and is because of some genetic disposition. Though genetics play a part in our health, what we put into our bodies plays a much greater role. The foods we put into our bodies either help our bodies stay in a state of homeostasis, a state where all the functions in the body are working together and are working at an optimal level, or they take our bodies out of homeostasis.

What Are The Functions Of The Liver?

The liver is a vitally important organ because it screens the blood for toxins, viruses, and bacteria, detoxifies alcohol and certain drugs, and plays a major part in the supporting the body’s immune system. The liver uses a type of white blood cell called a Kuppfer cell which attacks and destroys bacteria, viruses, old blood cells, and other harmful substances that are filtered through the liver. Along with the liver’s function of fighting disease it also produces bile to break down fat and aids digestion, manufactures and regulates hormones, absorbs and stores vitamins A, D, E, and K, and manufactures enzymes and proteins.

These processes are compromised because of liver damage due to alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes which introduce cancer causing carcinogens into the body. Recreational and prescription drugs, toxins breathed in, toxins absorbed through the skin, consumption of chemical and bio-engineered toxins in the processed foods we eat, and excessive fat consumption also compromises these processes. The liver is definitely effected positively by the different nutrients and phytonutrients introduced to it, and is affected negatively from the toxins introduced to it through the foods we eat, liquids we drink, air we breath, and things we touch.

The liver is also damaged through autoimmune attacks, such as non-infectious hepatitis and viral hepatitis, and cancer. These illnesses are also a product of the consumption of the toxic substances which end up weakening the immune system. We can reduce the risk of liver damage by reducing or not drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, cutting down on meat and meat fat consumption, and by increasing our intake of fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that strengthen the immune system and protect our vital organs. Now that we understand “What does your liver do?”, importance of the liver, and what contributes to the weakening of the liver, we also need to understand liver damage symptoms and how to clean the gallbladder” which also affects liver function.

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