Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

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Wire Mesh Rabbit Cage Build

wire mesh rabbit cage

Wire Mesh Rabbit Cage I decided to build a wire mesh rabbit cage so I could raise some rabbits. Since rabbit urine and solid waste is an excellent natural pesticide and fertilizer, I decided to have my own supply. This would be a test for me. If successful, I would likely move my rabbits to […]

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Rabbit Hutch Build Using PVC Pipe

Rabbit Hutch I decided to build a rabbit hutch using pvc pipe to keep a few rabbits, but not to have as for pets or to eat. My soil at my house in Kenya is very sandy, so I have been on a mission to strengthen it. My house is very close to the beach, […]

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Simple Compost Tumbler

Compost Tumbler

Youtube Simple Compost Tumbler I decided to make compost tumbler to make the mixing and checking my compost easier. My previous bins were stationary and composted my material well, but I wanted to make the mixing process easier. Previously, I used a shovel to dig down into the compost bin to mix the compost layers […]

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Terra Preta Making Black Soil In A Raised Bed

Terra Preta Black Soil In Raised Bed

Youtube Black Soil I now make my raised beds by using terra preta techniques. The name of the “black soil” of the Amazon Basin in South America is “terra preta.” Since my home in Kenya is along the beach of the Indian Ocean, my soil is very sandy and nutrient deficient. I had to research […]

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Make a Raised Plant Bed Using Stone Blocks

Raised Plant Bed Made With Stone Blocks

Youtube Raised Plant Bed I made a raised plant bed, or raised bed, to address my difficult growing conditions. My house is in  Kenya near the beach on the Indian ocean. I face different challenges growing edible plants here than I would face growing edible plants at my home in Florida, U.S. My soil is […]

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