Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

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My Traditional African Village Style House: Video

My Traditional African Village Style House in Mjanaheri Mambrui Kenya My pan-African journey led me to buy a traditional African village style house in Kenya. I decided to move part-time to the coast of Kenya for the pole-pole village life. I was pulled towards the pole-pole coastal life when I visited Kenya in 2019. Pole-pole […]

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Banana Plant Strangled By Coconut Roots – Fix: Video

Saving My Banana Plant From Coconut Roots My dundatsi banana plant struggled to produce suckers, also called babies, and I needed to understand and solve the problem. Banana plants reproduce by sending up baby plants from the mother plant. At the time I thought the problem might be that I planted the mother dundatsi banana […]

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Rabbit Cage Door Latch Free And Simple

Rabbit Cage Door Latch Free And Simple I needed a rabbit cage door latch for my wire mesh rabbit cage, and I was able to design a simple and free one. I only needed some binding wire, which I already had. The simple hook latch works perfectly with my flexible smaller gauge 1/2 inch by […]

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Wire Mesh Rabbit Cage Build

wire mesh rabbit cage

Wire Mesh Rabbit Cage I decided to build a wire mesh rabbit cage so I could raise some rabbits. Since rabbit urine and solid waste is an excellent natural pesticide and fertilizer, I decided to have my own supply. This would be a test for me. If successful, I would likely move my rabbits to […]

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Rabbit Hutch Build Using PVC Pipe

Rabbit Hutch I decided to build a rabbit hutch using pvc pipe to keep a few rabbits, but not to have as for pets or to eat. My soil at my house in Kenya is very sandy, so I have been on a mission to strengthen it. My house is very close to the beach, […]

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Simple Compost Tumbler

Compost Tumbler

Youtube Simple Compost Tumbler I decided to make compost tumbler to make the mixing and checking my compost easier. My previous bins were stationary and composted my material well, but I wanted to make the mixing process easier. Previously, I used a shovel to dig down into the compost bin to mix the compost layers […]

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