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Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Cold Shower Benefits – Improves Blood Flow, Boosts The Immune System…

By | May 30th, 2016 | Modified - February 27th, 2017
Cold Shower Benefits
Cold Shower Benefits

Did you ever think there could be cold shower benefits? We have been conditioned to live pampered lives that we have forgotten the natural struggles life presents us with forces our bodies to adapt and to become better.

We have been conditioned to build elaborate societies over building ourselves, and living alongside nature promotes this. Working to conquer nature removes our natural struggle and the variables that promote our evolution as people.

One of the creature comforts of industrialized societies is hot water, and believe it or not constant hot showers and baths make us soft and weak.

Cold Shower Benefits

Improves Blood Flow

Cold showers have many benefits and they all start with the capillaries. Capillaries are often overlooked when it comes to blood vessels and most of the attention goes to arteries and veins.

Capillaries are the most important part of the blood vessels because they directly feed cells oxygen and nutrients, and cold showers help strengthen capillaries so they can more effectively supply them to cells.

Cold showers strengthen capillaries by causing them to constrict, stopping leakage of oxygen and nutrients and improving the quality of blood circulation.

Taking cold showers is like giving your capillaries a workout and therefore make them stronger. Cold showers also improve blood circulation by promoting blood to surround organs.

Reverses Water Retention

Water retention occurs when there isn’t normal pressure in the capillaries which causes capillaries to release too much fluid. Fluid is released in between cells and accumulates there.

The unstable pressure also makes it difficult for fluid to properly return to capillaries for removal.

Cold shower shower tighten and strengthen capillaries which helps to stop leakage and to promote proper removal of water from cells and in between cells.

Strengthens the Immune System

The use of cold showers or cold water immersion to stimulate the immune system has had a long standing place in various forms of traditional medicine and healing, like “Ishnaan” in Kundalini yoga practices.

Very little scientific studies have been done on cold shower’s ability to stimulate the immune system, but the few studies that have been done do support this long standing practice.

This study[1] found the cold water immersions of athletes over a six week period activated the immune system and increased T lymphocytes (CD3), T helper cells (CD4), T suppressor cells (CD8), abdT and B lymphocytes (HLA-DR) activity.

This laboratory study[2] showed that cold water therapy was able to stimulate the immune system of mice infected with the Toxoplasma gondii parasite and extended their lives in comparison to mice that did not receive cold water therapy.

Speeds Muscle Recovery

This study[3] involved 360 people who participated in resistance training, cycling, or running, and found cold water immersions significantly reduced fatigue and speeded up physical recovery.

Protects Skin

Cold showers cause the skin to tighten and the pores to close, which traps in oil that is lost during hot showers.

Cold showers help keep the skin from getting dry and promotes skin elasticity.

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Alklaine Plant Based Diet
Alklaine Plant Based Diet

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