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Dr. Sebi’s Partner Pablo Medina Spoke About The Dr. Sebi Cellfoods Product Not Being Compromised

By | August 7th, 2018 | Modified - June 9th, 2022

Dr. Sebi’s Partner Pablo Medina Spoke About The Dr. Sebi Cellfoods Product Not Being Compromised

In 2014 Dr. Sebi had to restart his business under the name Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood, after members of his staff and some members of his family stole his previous business from him.

Dr. Sebi took these people to court but still had to start a new business. Dr. Sebi needed to team up with Pablo Medina and Jenny as partners to start the new business. (Dr. Sebi groomed Pablo and taught him the process of making the herbal compounds. Dr. Sebi and Pablo were jailed together which was a great injustice as they we both found not guilty. Dr. Sebi unfortunately died in jail.)

I know there are more things going on with this new venture that we all don’t know about. The video below does make it clear that Sebi did approve of new products alone with the formation of the new company.

Family Members Undermined Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood Company

Certain family members have continued the assault of the company after Dr. Sebi’s death.  They claim the company has compromised the products.

I am not sure if they are referring to the new products that Dr. Sebi approved of before he died or if the company compromised the products right after Dr. Sebi died.

The claims of the company compromising the products arose right after Dr. Sebi died, so it appears the compromise would have had to have happened before her died.

The issue with this claim is Pablo was with Dr. Sebi when police wrongly arrested them. They were together securing herbs for the company. They were together while the members of his family who made the accusations were out of the picture.

It is clear though certain family members strengthened their attack on Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood company right after Dr. Sebi died. They wanted to undermine his company so they could have people buy their products instead.

Dr. Sebi’s left his daughter Saama his share in Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood after his untimely death. Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood and USHA Village in Honduras are his legacy, which he left his to daughter Saama and his youngest daughter.

The well being of USHA Village is dependent on the well being of Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood company because money from the company helps to fund USHA Village.

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