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Alkaline Plant Based Diet
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Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi is the renown herbalist who developed the African Bio Mineral Balance and the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide to reverse disease in all people. Dr. Sebi studied herbs in North America, Central and South America, Africa, and the Caribbean, and devised a methodology that would not address the symptoms of disease but would address reversing disease in itself.

Dr. Sebi's methodology is based on providing the body with alkaline foods, from the Dr. Sebi Nutritonal Guide, which maintain the crucial and slightly alkaline pH balance in the blood that supports homeostasis of the organs throughout the body.

Dr. Sebi's methodology focuses on removing the consumption of acidic, pathogenic, and toxic laden meat, dairy, and processed foods which compromise the mucous membrane that protects organs throughout the body, and allows for the manifestation of various chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Dr. Sebi devised a methodology that removed acidity, pathogens, and toxins from around cells in the blood stream, which served as a constant attack on cells. More importantly in reversing chronic disease, Dr. Sebi developed herbal combinations that would clean damaged cells on the intra-cellular level, help in the removal of severely damaged cells, and trigger apoptosis or cell death in cancer cells.

You can learn more about the herbs used in Dr. Sebi's African Bio Mineral and their use in my book Alkaline Herbal Medicine.

Dr. Sebi sent the herbs he wanted to use to Lancaster Laboratories to identify to main ingredient and if the main ingredient addressed what the herb…

Dr. Sebi Sent His Herbs To Lancaster Laboratories For Testing

Dr. Sebi spoke about quinoa, teff, and fonio. He also spoke about natural leafy greens like lambs quarters and dandelion….

Dr. Sebi Put Together The Nutritional Guide From Natural Plants And Least Detrimental Plants

Dr. Sebi speaks about acid food being below 7 on the pH scale, and alkaline food being above 7 on the pH scale. Alkaline food being electric food…

Dr. Sebi Speaks About Acid Alkaline And Electric Food

Dr. Sebi indicated in the video that the heart moves by electricity, and without this electricity we wouldn’t be able to move. So the food we eat should…

Dr. Sebi Speaks About The Body Being Electrical

Dr. Sebi explained that Mushrooms are part of the mycelium network and they are very beneficial. He stated that fungus is something that eats away at you…

Dr. Sebi On Mushrooms Being Good To Eat

In 2014 Dr. Sebi had to restart his business under the name Dr. Sebi’s Cellfood, after members of his staff and some members of his family stole his previous business from him.

Dr. Sebi’s Partner Pablo Medina Spoke About The Dr. Sebi Cellfoods Product Not Being Compromised