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Kidney Cleanse – Cleaning The Kidneys

By | April 26th, 2012 | Modified - August 26th, 2016

Kidney Cleanse – Cleaning The Kidneys

Whole Food Plant Based Diet Kidney Cleanse Cleaning The Kidneys
Kidney Cleanse – Cleaning The Kidneys

A kidney cleanse can greatly help the kidneys maintain a proper water/mineral balance in the body, regulate blood pressure, and filter waste from the blood, so the kidneys can help to maintain healthy living. Proper water intake is essential in not only a kidney cleanse but also as part of the daily diet. It is especially important to have proper water intake as part of the herbal kidney cleanse because many of the herbs listed are diuretics.

Diuretics increase the rate of urination which helps to flush the kidneys. These herbs are not only diuretics but they also contain phytonutrients that help strengthen and clean the kidneys. The kidney cleanse herbs with the asterisks next to them are herbs I used as part of a deep longterm three month kidney cleanse to strengthen my kidneys and I had great success with them. I took the herbs either with my veggie juice or with water.

Herbs For A Kidney Cleanse

Watermelon Kidney Cleanse

THE WATERMELON KIDNEY CLEANSE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DIABETICS. I haven’t found any definitive information that supports the benefit of using watermelon to rid the body of kidney gravel. What I have been able to find is that watermelon is a natural diurectic and it will force urination. This kidney cleanse flush calls for eating a whole watermelon in a day and drinking a gallon of water, which will force urination and flush the kidneys.

Herbal Kidney Cleanse – How Much Water A Day?

It is very important to drink a gallon of water a day when doing a herbal kidney cleanse with diuretic herbs. If you don’t you can rob your body of needed water and cause added complications.

A kidney cleanse helps to flush excess uric acid out of the body, which can be helpful if you have gout. If you don’t drink enough water using diuretics can make gout symptoms worse because the uric acid will become even more concentrated in the bloodstream. It is very important to drink a gallon of water a day while doing this kidney cleanse.

Even while not doing a kidney cleanse it is important to drink proper amounts of water to maintain healthy kidneys. The Institute of Medicine indicated in a report that the general recommendations for men are approximately 3.7 liters (125 ounces daily) of total water, and for women are approximately 2.7 liters (91 ounces) of total water from all beverages and foods each day. The panel did not set an upper level for water.

Drinking a gallon of water a day is a “water kidney cleanse” and is usually enough the clean the kidneys, unless you have lower back pains from kidney stones. You can use a watermelon cleanse to help dissolve and expel kidney stones and gravel.

A kidney cleanse and my plant based diet improved my energy level greatly and strengthened my immune system.


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