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Morning Sickness Relief By Avoiding Meat, Dairy, And Processed Foods

By | November 12th, 2016 | Modified - December 5th, 2017
Morning Sickness Relief By Avoiding Meat, Dairy, And Processed Foods
Morning Sickness Relief By Avoiding Meat, Dairy, And Processed Foods

Morning Sickness Relief

Morning sickness relief appears to revolve around stopping the influx of animal fat and protein, pathogens, and toxins into the body during the formation of the baby’s organs between weeks 5 and 15.

The immune system of women is generally suppressed during pregnancy so they don’t reject the developing fetus. Pregnant women who heavily consume animal fat and protein and their associated pathogens and toxins strain the immune system during the critical development stages of the fetus.

Dr. Greger pointed out that recent studies now support the view that morning sickness is a fetus protecting mechanism. The previous view was morning sickness was all in a woman’s head.

It makes more sense to me that the development of the organs between weeks 5 and 15 taxes the resources of the pregnant woman’s body.

During this time the influx of pathogens cause a disruption in processes that lead to vulnerability in the body and the development of morning sickness.

Whether morning sickness is an embryo-protective mechanism or a stress put on the immune system, it appears meat consumption is the primary culprit.

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The Body’s Reactions To Pathogens In Food Trigger Morning Sickness

This cross-cultural study1 found 7 societies where pregnant had a low incidence of morning sickness, and they primarily ate a plant based diet.

20 other societies studied that had a high incidence of morning sickness were societies that heavily consumed meat products.

Researchers at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that saturated animal fat appeared to be a primary dietary risk factor for morning sickness.[2]

Saturated fat increases the level of circulating estrogen levels, which throws of estrogen levels in the body and contributes to morning sickness.

The fat is also a good hiding place both pathogens and toxins in meat which compromise the immune system.

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