Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Protect Against Vaccines With A Strong Immune System

By | April 14th, 2020 | Modified - June 9th, 2022
Protect Against Vaccines With A Strong Immune System
Protect Against Vaccines With A Strong Immune System

What Do Vaccines Do?

Vaccines help the body increase the production of antibodies. Antibodies bind with disease to deactivate them, while white blood cells kill the disease.

What Are Antibodies And Antigens?

B cells in the blood produce element compounds or specific proteins called antibodies to fight disease and toxins.[1] The body can produce billions of types of antibodies, making specific antibodies for a specific antigen.

An antigen[2] is a foreign substance the body perceives as harmful. These substances can be viruses, certain bacteria, and toxins.

Antibodies bind with the protein structure of the antigen, which deactivates the antigen.

What Is A Vaccine?

A vaccine is an unnatural toxic biological substance that increases the body’s production of antibodies against a disease.

The vaccine itself does not kill a disease, but instead stimulates the body to kill a disease.

Vaccines consist of two parts. One part being biological material (antigen) from the disease. For example,  a coronavirus vaccine consists of the antigen material from a particular coronavirus.

The antigen is a weakened or dead form of the disease, or toxins, or proteins from the disease.

Using weakened or partial aspects of the disease, allows the body is able to make antibodies against the disease without supposedly being attacked by the disease.

The second part of the vaccine is the use of a adjuvant. An adjuvant is a toxin, and is harmful to the body.

Some Adjuvants used in vaccine include aluminum, virosomes, AS04 (3-deacyl-monophosphoryl lipid A), MF59 (squalene), AS03, ISA51. ASO!B, and CpG (cytosine phosphoguanine) motifs.[3,4]

Vaccines may also contain antigen chemicals used to stabilize and preserve it.

By combining the adjuvant with the antigen of the disease, the body sees and increased threat and increases production of antibodies, thus increasing the immune response.

The Concern

Some people are concerned about vaccine use because of possible severe adverse reactions. The adverse reactions can be more severe than the disease, including death.

The concern involves the injection of the disease’s biological material, as well as the adjuvant and various chemicals administered with it.

Many people are also concerned that nefarious people may be using vaccines to introduce harmful substances, which include forced birth-control.[5]

The body views the disease’s biological material, the adjuvant and additional chemicals as foreign and harmful substances.

Protecting Against Vaccines

The medical system promotes using vaccines to increase people’s immune response against a disease. Vaccines don’t kill disease though. Instead they only help stimulate the body’s immune systems to increase the production of antibodies.

The body sees vaccines as in antigen and an attack on it. Vaccines can increase the health risk for people with compromised immune systems, and for young children whose immune systems are not fully developed.

The underlying issue is the need to strengthen the immune system. You can do this naturally, and protect against disease and vaccines.

The science we have referred to on this website shows eating diets centered on meat, dairy, and processed foods undermine health and the immune system.

Removing the consumption of those foods protects removes the consumption of harmful substances that attack the body and immune system.

The constant consumption of these foods support chronic inflammation in the body which compromises and overwhelms the immune system and organs.

Consuming these foods help to weaken organs, leaving them susceptible to disease.

An Alkaline Plant Based Diet and Herbs Strengthen the Immune System and Protect Against Vaccines

Removing the consumption of meat, dairy, and processed foods removes the consumption of many harmful substances.

On the other hand, eating an alkaline plant based diet based on the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide introduces health and immune system supporting substances.

These plant foods contain minerals, phtyonutrients, and other nutrients that strengthen the organs against disease, stimulate the immune system, and bind with pathogens.

Vaccines contain antigens/pathogens and toxins. The minerals and phytonutrients in these plant food help stimulate and support the immune system to protect against their harmful effects.

Keeping the body an bloodstream flooded with these nutrients helps to remove these toxins before the can set in and compromise the health of organs.

The use of herbs that clean the blood and stimulate the liver and kidneys to remove pathogens, and herbs that clean waste from the intestines, are also useful.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use this diet to optimally support health and vitality. Alkaline Plant based Diet

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use herbs in the Dr. Sebi methodology to support healing. Alkaline Herbal Medicine

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