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Robert Kennedy Jr. – Vaccines Target Black Boys With Autism

By | October 16th, 2015 | Modified - October 27th, 2015
Robert Kennedy Jr. - Vaccines Target Black Boys Giving Them Autism
Robert Kennedy Jr. – Vaccines Target Black Boys Giving Them Autism

To be clear, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explicitly expressed that he is pro vaccine(0:32), but he also expressed that a corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has allowed vaccines to be used unethically.

He believes that we should have policies that encourage full vaccinations for all Americans, but this would only be if we had an honest regulatory agency in the CDC that would act in a transparent process in the development of vaccines everyone knew was safe.

Kennedy explained this is not the case and four major studies by the Federal government including Congress, the United States Senate, and the Inspector General of HHS, have indicated that the vaccine division of the CDC is a “cesspool of corruption.”(0:57)

The corruption is caused by the financial conflict of interest between the vaccine division of the CDC and the vaccine industry.(1:32)

This was allowed to happen because in 1986 Congress was bought by lobbyists of the vaccine industry and Congress passed a law making it illegal for any American to sue a vaccine company.(1:45) Since then all regulations were essentially removed from the vaccine industry and made vaccines extremely profitable.

After the law was passed the number of vaccines given or required by law skyrocketed. Kennedy made it a point to indicate that he received 5 vaccines growing up, but his children had received 69 vaccines.

Vaccines, Mercury in Vaccines, And Autism

Kennedy pointed out the connection between mercury in vaccines and autism.(5:20) In August of 2014 CDC whistle blower and senior scientist at CDC vaccine division Dr. William Thompson presented to Congress a 100,000 pages of incriminating evidence and stated he and all of the scientists in the CDC vaccine division had been ordered for 10 years to lie about the connection between vaccines, in particularly mercury in vaccines, and autism.

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Thompson was part of a study in 2004 that looked at the impact of the MMR on children who received the vaccine on time, before 36 months of age, and they had a 240% greater chance of getting autism than the children who received the vaccine after 36 months of age. Kennedy said only African American boys were affected.

It appears that mercury is the agent causing autism, but more importantly it appears that the vaccine is able to target black male children while minimally affecting other children. This would make it seem as though the vaccine can target genes that are specific to black males.

Kennedy went on to say most of the mercury has been taken out of the children’s vaccines today.(2:55) Mercury is still present in flu vaccines, and the vaccines that still have mercury in them tend to end up in African American communities.

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