Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Understand And Block Cellphone, Wireless, Microwave, EMR, EMF, EF, RF Radiation

By | March 25th, 2019 | Modified - March 27th, 2019
Protect Against Cellphone, Wireless, And Microwave Radiation
Protect Against Cellphone, Wireless, And Microwave Radiation

Harmful EMF

The earth’s ecosystem is balanced and provides protection against naturally occurring radiation.

The more powerful the source of the radiation the more damaging it can be to living cells, especially human and animal cells.

Part of the sun’s radiation is visible and is classified as non-ionizing or non harmful radiation. We need also need some of the sun’s near ultraviolet radiation to produce vitamin D.

People are designed to need sun exposure even though the sun’s far ultraviolet (UV) radiation is classified as non-ionizing radiation.

Prolonged sun exposure during high UV times during the day can damage skin cells. But there is balance in the earth’s ecosystem and people were designed live within the natural balance the earth provides against naturally occurring levels of radiation.

EMF Manipulation is Harmful

Human’s manipulation of radiation can make non-ionizing radiation dangerous. It can even make lower non-ionizing radiation more dangerous than naturally occurring higher ionizing radiation.

To put things in context infrared radiation operates in a very high range of 400 THz, but the way that the earth uses infrared radiation still allows life to flourish.

Microwaves operate in the far lower 300 GHz range, but if you stick your hand in a microwave while it is operating you can kill the cells in your hand.

Microwaves become far more dangerous because microwave ovens unnaturally concentrate microwave power.

Cellphones, Bluetooth devices, and wireless routers also use and manipulate microwaves.

Even though scientists classify microwaves as non-ionizing radiation and harmless, we know that microwave ovens can destroy living tissue.

Watch this animated video that explains how an alkaline plant based diet protects your cells.

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