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Understand And Block Cellphone, Wireless, Microwave, EMR, EMF, EF, RF Radiation

By | March 25th, 2019 | Modified - March 27th, 2019
Test EMF with GQ EMF-390
Testing EMF with GQ EMF-390

Testing EMR Exposure: EMF/EF/RF

I bought a GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field EMF Meter and it measures electromagnetic radiation in 3 basic categories: EMF, Electric field (EF), and radio frequency (RF).

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MilliGauss (mG) measures EMF. Volts per meter (V/m) measures EF. RF is measured in mW/m2.

The device also gives an indication on screen, accompanied by a sound and warning light, when any of the three measurements are in the high range.

I’ll take you around as I measure my appliances and devices to see which ones operate in an acceptable range.

Reduce EMR Exposure

We cannot escape electromagnetic radiation living in industrial societies. However,  we can limit our exposure to EMR.

The most control we have would be in our homes. I feel we should pay great attention to reducing our exposure to RF high-frequency microwave radiation.

Microwaves are high-frequency radio waves. They are classified as non-ionizing radiation, which means they are not supposed to able to break molecular bonds.

I think this is akin to calling electromagnetic radiation EMR by its more user friendly term, EMF. It is easier to swallow.

This classification can give the impression that microwaves are safe. Though they are not as strong as x-rays, microwaves are high-frequency radiation and pose a threat to cell health.

Microwave ovens use microwaves to cook food by exciting the water in their cells. This heats and damages the biological structure of cells.

Though cellphones and WiFi routers use microwaves to transmit information, a dog is a dog, and a cat is a cat, and a microwave is still a microwave.

Even though EF and EMF are or lower frequency radiation than RF, you still need to pay attention to EMF and EF radiation from appliances and devices you use.

Steps to Reduce EMR Exposure

1. Unplug power strips and devices you are not using. They emit EMF and EF even when turned off.

This includes TV’s, cable box, computer screens, power strips, printers, coffee machines, toasters, and even lamps.

Even some unplugged outlets still give off high levels of EMF and RF. Some things you can’t get a way from totally, but you can minimize the time you spend next to them.

2. EMF/EF is strongest the closer you are to an emitting device. Keep devices away from you as far as possible.

Keeping devices just a foot away greatly reduces EMF and RF intensity.

3. Use a modem without wireless capability. WiFi uses high-intensity radio waves. They use microwaves, and microwaves can cook things.

Though EMF and EF is generally stronger the closer you to an electrical device, WiFi routers are designed to purposely broadcast microwave radiation over further distances.

4. Avoid using microwave ovens. They damage the nutrients in food and give off high levels of radiation.

5. When you use your cellphone, put it on speakerphone and keep it a couple of feet away from you. Minimize the time you talk on a cellphone.

Be courteous and let the person you are speaking to know you have him or her on speakerphone as soon as you start a conversation.

Bluetooth earbuds do reduce the RF signal, but some people often keep earbuds in their ears. This exposes them to constant EMF and EF directly to the brain.

The cellphone is still communicating with a cell tower and still emits RF radiation while using Bluetooth earbuds.

6. Make your cellphone screen time out quickly.

7. Use a wired mouse instead of a wireless mouse.

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