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2 Reasons Why People Are Anti Vaccinations

By | February 12th, 2014 | Modified - April 20th, 2015

The Reasons Why Some People Are Anti Vaccinations
The Reasons Why Some People Are Anti Vaccinations

Why would anyone be anti vaccinations? Come on vaccinations were meant to protect against disease.

So why would anyone be against vaccinations?

Once I started to actually study the dangers of vaccinations the reasons became very clear.

I am not saying you shouldn’t get a vaccination, but I think everyone should actually understand what vaccines are made of, if all vaccines are beneficial, and if we should choose between vaccines instead of saying yes or no to vaccines.

Why Get A Vaccination

Vaccinations were made to prevent outbreaks of disease that caused serious illness and death. No one argues that the idea of preventing people from catching diseases like polio and measles is a good thing.

Since vaccines ere able to be made and have been successful in basically wiping out some diseases, vaccinations have been heralded and with good reason.

The bad thing about vaccinations is the way vaccines are made there are side effects, more serious than ever thought. You need to understand how vaccines are made to understand why. The 2 basic components that make up vaccines or the 2 main reasons why some people are anti vaccination.

How Are Vaccines made?

Most vaccines are made up of at least two components:

Component 1: The Virus
Component 2: The Toxin

Vaccination Component 1: The Virus

Yes, if you are looking to immunize or build resistance to measles, the measles virus would be a component of the vaccine.

If you didn’t have the measles before getting a measles vaccination, the vaccination puts the the measles virus into your body. Good thing most vaccines are made with dead samples that had been killed in a specific way that still causes an immune reaction.

Sometimes vaccinations do contain live versions of the virus you’re seeking to elicit an immune response to. These vaccines pose a higher risk to one’s health.

Using the vaccine with only the virus would serve no purpose than just infecting a person with a virus, which is why a second component is used.

Vaccination Component 2: The Toxin

The second component is a toxin, referred to as an immune adjuvant, which is used to boost the immune reaction to the virus. Yes a toxin and toxins are bad. Toxins like aluminum, mercury, or MSG are used to boost the immune reaction.

What basically happens is the body makes antibodies to attack the measles virus. Under normal circumstances the body might not make enough antibodies fast enough or in large enough quantities.

By adding the toxin the body produces extra antibodies to attack the toxins which end up attacking the virus. So now the body becomes loaded with antibodies against a particular virus.

So What Is the Issue With Vaccinations?

While vaccinations have come to be accepted and welcomed because they were able to wipe out polio, the reality of getting a vaccination is that you are injecting yourself with a virus when you may not have exposed to it.

Children are deliberately being given viruses through vaccinations with the hope they their immune system will be strong enough to fight off the vaccine injected virus.

Good thing in most cases there aren’t serious negative reactions to the virus. There are exceptions to the rule as some kids do become very ill and some kid die because of vaccinations.

There is another half to this story and that is the toxin component of the vaccination. Be clear than mercury and aluminum are toxic to the body, which is why they are used.

Studies show that the toxins like mercury or aluminum from one vaccination can cause immune over-activation for over two years causing destructive chronic inflammation in the brain and body.

These toxins travel to the brain and have been linked to diseases like ALS (Lou Gehrig”s disease), Alzheimer’s, autism, and Parkinsons disease.

With the high and increasing rates of autism in children, vaccinations and autism has become a highly scrutinized subject.

Another concern is the effectiveness of some vaccines verses the harm they cause. There were outbreaks of whooping cough and mumps and in these cases the majority of kids involved had been vaccinated.

There is concern that the vaccinated children actually spread the disease they were intentionally infected with.

I don’t think we should take ten step backwards and totally dismiss vaccinations. We have benefited greatly from the polio and measles vaccinations, but other vaccinations are highly scrutinized.

Vaccinations were invented to help boost the immune reaction against viruses, but there is actually another way to do this and that is through good nutrition and exercise.

Good nutrition involves eating a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables to flood the body with natural vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and phytonutrients that boost the immune system.

A great way to do this is through eating a whole food plant based diet. I haven’t been sick and haven’t gotten the flu or even a cold since I adopted a plant based diet, but I would get sick often before I adopted the diet.

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