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Do Africans Dislike African Americans? #ADOS

By | January 16th, 2020 | Modified - June 9th, 2022
Do Africans Dislike African Americans? #ADOS
Do Africans Dislike African Americans? #ADOS

An Idea Born to Support White Supremacy

Whoever put life into the idea must support white supremacy? This idea exists only to divide African Americans and Africans.

The idea exists to discourage African American tourism and investment in Africa. It ultimately exists to discourage black/African unity globally.

Why would all or a majority of Africans not like African Americans? African Americans have never been in position to hurt Africa?

Africans and African American Contact

Most Africans haven’t met an African American or have not had extensive contact with an African American.

But even so, their media knowledge of African Americans should be positive rather than negative. The U.S. doesn’t want global media to show the white supremacy African Americans face.

Therefore, it works strategically to push positive images of African Americans to the world. Globally, America has always wanted to protect its brand.

As a result, many Africans would like to benefit from being around African Americans.

Africans from Africa in America, and African Americans

I personally know a few Africans in American who like me and other African Americans. But That doesn’t mean that they like or dislike all African Americans.

Liking an African American is based on personal interaction and most people will not like or dislike every African American or any entire people.

If a people dislike another people that is usually based on propaganda.

I don’t see any reason for the development of propaganda to have Africans dislike African Americans. There is nothing to gain from that.

But I do see a reason to develop propaganda to have African Americans not like Africans, and that has the potential to develop and reciprocal response.

The Reality

I have been to Namibia, South Africa (Capetown, Johannesburg, Soweto, and Pretoria), Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya. From my experiences Africans actually put African Americans on a pedestal.

That is to say, many Africans would the like the opportunity to benefit from being around African Americans.

They see many African American celebrities on television making millions of US dollars and aspire to have to more.

In other words, they feel all Americans, including African Americans, have lots of everything. Lots of money, connections, skills, and education, and they want to be around that.

Many Africans feel African Americans could help them better their own lives.

White Supremacy and #ADOS

I feel some African Americans spend far more dwelling on this thought Africans do. If this is true, why is this?

I think this thought is is born from white supremacy, as a way to keep black/African people divided. However, I don’t get this questions from white supremacists, but get the question mostly from #ADOS supporters.

Unfortunately I feel #ADOS or their supporters are pushing this thought to separate black/African Americans from Africans and Africa.

Subsequently, the #ADOS agenda ultimately aligns itself with aspects of white supremacy’s agenda. An agenda aimed  towards keeping black/African American people and Africans in Africa divided.

The #ADOS acronym in itself to me is divisive,  meaning American Descendants of Slavery. As a result, it totally removes the African connection, which I feel the founders of the movement did purposely.

I think #ADOSA would have been a more accurate and appropriate acronym: African Descendants of Slavery in America. This would have kept the connection with Africa.

#ADOS Separation from Africa

I totally support U.S. reparations to African descendants who trace their lineage to slaves brought to America from Africa.

This may seem like a straight forward idea, however this is where #ADOS anchors its division.

Many #ADOS do not support that their ancestors arrived in America through the slave trade from Africa.

However, they believe their ancestors were already in America, and then enslaved. They believe only a small percentage of Africans came from Africa.

They Came Before Columbus

I believe this notion stems from Ivan Van Sertima’s work and book, They Came Before Columbus, published in 1976.

The books gives information that supports Africans being present in the Americas before slavery in America.

Van Sertima felt these Africans gave rise to the Olmec civilization that existed in Mexico from 1200-400 B.C.

If Africans were responsible for the Olmec civilization, there is no sign of their civilization  or lineage from them from 400 B.C. onward.

#ADOS Being the True Native Americans?

But, some African Americans also believe that Africans were in the Americas since the separation of Pangaea. The believe they are the true Native Americans.

They believe the natives who now in majority inhabit the Americas later migrated to America.

To summarize, they don’t believe the majority of Africans arrived in America through the slave trade. So they don’t feel connected Africa.

#ADOS Against Africans Outside of America

They actually feel that Africans from Africa and Africans from the Caribbean are detrimental to their cause.

#ADOS feel they migrate to the U.S. and benefit from programs meant to benefit #ADOS, more than #ADOS benefits.

#ADOS supports stopping immigration along with Trump’s administration.

I have seen #ADOS posts that have no sympathy for the atrocities Mexican families. Families who U.S. Authorities have torn apart subjected to cruel treatment.

The closing of the borders also affects Africans and Africans in the diaspora who are trying to enter the country.  They are trying to escape poverty and war orchestrated on their countries by imperialist countries.

#ADOS Isolation

So, I believe some within the movement try to further isolate #ADOS from non-#ADOS black people. They try to remove any sympathy for non #ADOS be removing any connection.

One way is to perpetuate the idea that Africans in Africa do not like African Americans.

They do this to focus their movement only on their own well-being, and not the well-being of all black/African people.

Many also want to paint a picture that things are far better for Africans in Africa. They point black/African Americans suffering from white supremacy in the U.S.

Many #ADOS supporters want to fall back on the idea of inherited trauma or PTSD. Our ancestors faced the same trauma but they did not give up. They worked to maintain their humanity and culture

Some #ADOS also ignorantly point to a narrow view that Africans caused the problem.

They caused the problem because some supplied rival Africans to Europeans. The situation is far more complex than this narrow view.

Former AU Embassador to the U.S., Arikana Chihombori-Quao speaks to Africans and African Americans suffering equally. She tells African Americans to Come Home to Africa!

#ADOS and Reparations

They take this political route also because they want to establish themselves as being indigenous to the Americas. This way they can claim a right-to-land like the recognized Native Americans.

This path would make it easier for #ADOS to gain reparations like the recognized Native Americans. Basing reparations on forced labor of their ancestors is a trickier thing to tackle.

This path further separates African Americans from Africans and Africa and would establish them as purely American.

This also plays right into white supremacy’s agenda.

Having black Americans only view themselves as Americans and not African Americans, further reduces the threat of black unity across the globe.

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