Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based DietAlkaline Herbal MedicineFaith and Justice eat an Plant Based DietDr. Sebi Nutritional Guide

An Alkaline Plant Based Diet Promotes Well-Being And Vitality

The natural nutrients and phytonutrients present in an alkaline plant-based diet optimally support and promote well-being and liveliness. Natural Life Energy LLC is dedicated to sharing insights about alkaline plant foods (also known as alkaline vegan foods) outlined in the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide, along with alkaline herbs that foster health and vitality.

Physical activity holds equal importance alongside a plant-based diet in sustaining health and energy. It aids in boosting energy levels, enhancing mood, combating obesity, and lowering the likelihood of heart disease.

This platform draws significant inspiration from Dr. Sebi and his African Bio Mineral Balance and nutritional guide, as well as the comprehensive analysis provided by medical expert Dr. Greger.

The principal author of the Alkaline Plant Based Diet website is Aqiyl Aniys. Aqiyl Aniys also authored “Alkaline Herbal Medicine,” a book that delves into the attributes and preparation methods of herbs featured in Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance. This work aims to bolster well-being and liveliness. Aqiyl is also the writer behind “Alkaline Plant Based Diet,” a book that explores the advantages of adopting an alkaline plant-based diet to enhance health, vitality, and the planet’s ecological equilibrium.

Additionally, Aqiyl wrote a children’s book titled “Faith and Justice Eat an Alkaline Plant Based Diet,” which encourages the cultivation of strong self-esteem, comprehension of the perks tied to an alkaline plant-based diet, and reverence for the Earth and its interconnected system.

Gods Alkaline Vegans
Gods Alkaline Vegans
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