Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Help For Allergies Before Allergy Season

By | March 3rd, 2017 | Modified - June 20th, 2017
Help For Allergies Before Allergy Season
Help For Allergies Before Allergy Season

A Weakened Liver Promotes Allergies

Traditional or alternative medicine views allergies as a byproduct of a weakened liver. Poor liver function undermines the liver’s ability to effectively remove antigen proteins, pathogens, and other harmful chemicals from the blood.[1]

A weakened liver is not able to effectively remove these toxins from the blood.  The buildup of these molecules will trigger the immune system to view these compounds as antigens or allergens.

The body will produce antibodies and ramp up production of inflammatory compounds[2] like histamines. The histamines dilate blood vessels allowing inflammatory compounds through the walls of capillaries to combat the allergens.

This allows for fluids to escape from the capillaries into tissues. The body will produce more mucus in the nasal passage to combat the entry of airborne allergens. This leads to sneezing, an irritated nasal passage, runny nose, and water eyes.

You can also experience rashes and hives due to increased histamine buildup throughout the body.

Neti Pot Nasal Wash To Clear Nasal And Throat Of Mucus

Though cleaning the blood and liver addresses the root of the problem, you can address nasal mucus allergy symptoms with a nasal wash.

You can use a Neti pot with a salt water solution to flush out mucus and kill pathogens in the mucus membrane in the nostrils. This reduces irritation and brings relief to the tissues in the nostril.

It also helps to break up phlegm so it doesn’t build up in the throat.

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Clean The Blood To Strengthen The Liver And Help Against Allergies

I assisted a friend with converting to an alkaline vegan diet based on the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide, and drinking a gallon of spring water a day to lose weight, increase energy, and to help alleviate mood swings.

After successfully addressing these issues she told me I didn’t tell her that her allergies would also go away. That was a nice side-effect.

When you address the root of disease and not the symptoms you often correct many other ailments.  Everything in the body is connected and related.

Remove Meat, Dairy, And Processed Foods From The Diet.

Meat, dairy, and processed foods introduce acidic proteins, toxic fat, pathogens, and other toxins that compromise health.[3,4,5,6]
The constant bombardment of the liver with with these toxins undermines it ability to efficiently cleanse the blood of toxins.

Flood The Body With Health Supporting Plant Minerals And Phytonutrients

Minerals and phytonutrients from foods on the Dr. Sebi Nutritional guide reduce oxidative stress in the liver and all cells. They support healthy cell replication to repair the liver.[7] They also provide compounds that bind with allergens and toxins for their removal from the body.

Drink A Gallon Of Spring Water A Day

Drinking a gallon a spring water a day keeps the liver and organs in the body properly hydrated. This also helps the liver by reducing the concentration of toxins in the bloodstream.

The water helps to flush the liver and kidneys to support their healthy functioning.

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Herbs To Clean The Liver And Blood

Burdock root, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, and elderberry herbs used in Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Minerals are used to clean the blood.

The mineral and phytonutrient content also support and restore the health of the liver and kidneys. You can about the properties of these herbs and more and how to use to them to restore the health of the body in my book Alkaline Herbal Medicine.

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