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Excessive Phlegm In The Throat? Lets Reduce The Mucus!

By | March 18th, 2015 | Modified - March 3rd, 2019
Excessive Phlegm In Your Throat? Lets Reduce The Mucus!
Excessive Phlegm In Your Throat? Lets Reduce The Mucus!

Excessive Phlegm

Excessive phlegm in the throat can be irritating, but understand that some mucus in itself is not a bad thing.  There is mucous membrane lining body parts throughout the body that serves to protect them.

The nose produces mucus to trap diseases and environmental toxins breathed in so they don’t cause harm to the body. Normally the mucus trickles down the throat without us being aware of it. This is a necessary and healthy process.

Excessive phlegm in the throat this a sign that toxins have compromised the mucous membrane in the nostrils.

The thick mucus in the throat and nostrils is the result of the body’s increase of its inflammatory process.

The inflammatory process is part of the body’s immune system which sends out fluids, proteins, and white blood cells (neutrophils, eosinophils, and or macrophages), and pro-inflammatory cells to isolate the tissue to kill the offending disease and to neutralize the the offending toxins.

Constant excessive phlegm in the throat, it is a sign that you have a weakened mucus membrane in the nose. The mucus drains from the nostrils and builds up in throat and lungs. This also triggers inflammatory responses in those areas.

How To Remove Excessive Phlegm In The Throat?

Killing and washing away the diseases and toxins that compromised the mucus membrane of the nasal passage is a good way to start. An excellent way to do this is to wash the nasal passage with warm salt water. The warm salt water kills disease that compromised the mucus membrane.  It helps to loosen and move the excessive phlegm and toxins out of the nasal passage.

I use the neti pot and I love the way it works to flush out thick mucus. It fits nice and snug so water doesn’t drip out of the spout. To use the neti pot fill it with the required amount of salt and warm water.

Though the neti pot comes with salt packages, I prefer to use non-processed salt and I use sea salt instead. It is best to not to use tap water and to use distilled, purified water, or bottled water instead.

Hold your head sideways over a sink, place the spout in one nostril and slowly pure the salt water into your nostril. The water will exit through the other nostril killing disease and clearing mucus along with it.

The main issue is that you want to prevent the buildup of mucus in the throat and nose in the first place. Removing mucus causing foods and increasing the consumption of alkaline foods on the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide assists with this.

Dairy is the biggest offender in supporting the formation of excess mucus in the body, but the acidifying nature of meat and processed foods also promote excess mucus formation and inflammation.

Herbs like elderberry and mullein not only help remove excessive phlegm from the throat and nostrils, they also dissolve and remove excessive mucus from the entire body.

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