Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Alkaline Body – Do You Need One?

By | July 13th, 2016 | Modified - May 25th, 2018
Alkaline Body - Do You Need One?
Alkaline Body – Do You Need One?

Alkaline Body

An alkaline body supports health and vitality. There is a lot of confusion surrounding alkaline foods and alkalinity that might make it seem like an alkaline body isn’t necessary.

Lets look  at why it is necessary and how we define alkalinity and an alkaline body.

PH In The Body

The alkalinity or acidity of the body varies depending on the pH in a part of the body. PH stands for “potential hydrogen” and is the ability of molecules to attract hydrogen ions.

The higher the pH the lower the amount of hydrogen is available. The lower the pH the higher the amount of hydrogen is available.

The scale for the pH ranges from 0 to 14.  0 represents the highest acidic level, 7 is neutral,  and 14 represents the highest alkaline level.

  • Stomach: Has a pH of 1.35 to 3.5, but the “Mucous Neck Cells” that are right below the surface of the stomach ling have a neutral pH.[1]
  • Skin: The outer layer has a pH around 4 to protect it from the bacteria in the environment and the inner layer has a pH around 6.9.[2]
  • Vagina: Has a pH around 4.5 to protect against microbial overgrowth.[3]
  • Pancreas: PH is between 8 – 8.3
  • Intestines: Small intestine has range of 6-7.4pH, and the large intestine has a pH range of 5.7 -6.7.[4]
  • Blood: Has a pH range between 7.35 and 7.45 (7.4)

Since the pH level is different in various areas of the body, should your aim be to eat alkaline foods to develop an “alkaline body?” Yes, and this is determined by the pH of the blood.

The Body Maintains A Slightly Alkaline State In The Blood

Some people make the argument that it is not possible to have an alkaline body, since all the parts of the body are not in an alkaline state?

Some people use this argument to support the consumption of acidic foods. Firstly, the term “alkaline body” refers to the body as a whole, and not for each individual area.

Secondly, the term “alkaline body” really refers to the alkalinity of the blood. The health of the blood is the focal point for the health the entire body, because it delivers oxygen and nutrients to support the body’s healthy function.

The body maintains an alkaline state of a 7.4pH in the blood to keep hydrogen levels low. Too much hydrogen interferes with proper oxygenation of red blood cells and nutrient delivery.

The consumption of alkaline foods most naturally and most healthily keeps the blood at a 7.4 pH. When you digest foods they leave either an alkaline or acidic ash that is made up of minerals and compounds that then enter the blood.

Alkaline foods contain both alkaline (calcium, magnesium, potassium) and acidic (phosphorous, sulphur) minerals and components. Alkaline food’s balance is towards the alkaline side and they alkalize the blood, resulting in an overall alkaline body.

The blood transports minerals and compounds throughout the body and various organs will take what they need. Some areas need more alkaline material and some areas needs more acidic material.

The pH balance in the blood always needs to be slightly alkaline. 

Metabolic Acidosis

The body maintains a slightly alkaline state in the blood at all cost. Metabolic acidosis occurs when the pH in the blood drops below 7.4, which can result in stroke and death.

The body will use buffering systems to put alkaline minerals and compounds into the blood to maintain its alkalinity. Constantly feeding the body acidic foods overtaxes these buffering systems.

The body will then strip calcium from bones[5] and alkaline material from fluids throughout the body to put into the blood to keep it alkaline.

This is the condition of chronic metabolic acidosis, which doesn’t kill you immediately and leads to the development of various chronic diseases like osteoporosis, kidney disease, liver disease, and heart disease.

(Note: The video highlights the effects of acidic foods in acidifying the body. The foods you eat either supports or compromises the alkalinity and equilibrium of the blood. — Though certain symptoms are listed in the video are being the result of being too alkaline, the listed alkaline and acidic symptoms have a greater association with an acidic body. These symptoms are all part of chronic disease which have a far greater association with the acidic Western diet, than the alkaline plant-centered diet.)

Feeding The Alkaline Body

You should feed the alkaline body alkaline foods so the body won’t have to compensate and strip alkaline material from other parts of the body to put into the blood.

Even though different areas of the body have different pH levels, you need to eat alkaline foods to naturally maintain the 7.4 pH in the blood.

The blood then feeds the various organs and parts of the body alkaline and acidic material in the ratio they need.

Meat, dairy, and processed foods are acidic foods, and non-hybrid plant foods are alkaline foods.

The alkaline body loves alkaline electric foods like watermelon, amaranth, chayote, tef, brazil nuts, kale, mango, tamarind, and soursop.

The herbalist and elder Dr. Sebi has identified alkaline non-hybrid plant foods that nourish the alkaline body on the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide »

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Alklaine Plant Based Diet
Alklaine Plant Based Diet

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