Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet
By | February 7th, 2015 | Modified - February 8th, 2015

Natural Life Energy is committed to providing transparency to our readers and community regarding advertisements on the website. Advertisement spots will be labeled as clearly as possible to distinguish advertisement from the post content.

Why is there advertising?

The use of advertisements is necessary to cover costs of website maintenance, increasing web presence, and with spreading the message of the benefits of a plant-based diet, exercise, and respect for the environment.

Funds from advertising are currently budgeted towards:

  • Server and infrastructure upkeep
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Research and writing articles

Future funds to be budgeted towards:

  • Filming documentaries
  • Developing grassroots seminars

Why do I see irrelevant ads?

Finding relevant advertisers for the plant-based and green environment niche market has its obstacles. Natural Life Energy are is working to improve ad quality by working to partner with more relevant advertisers. Natural Life Energy does not necessarily support or endorse any products or services that are offered through the advertisements on our website, unless the products are directly promoting in the content articles.

How can I help?

If you are interested in making a contribution to our cause, please see our donate page.

Our advertising position is committed to:

  • Public disclosure regarding our use of advertisements on the website
  • Clear labeling of advertising placements to allow visitors to make informed choices
  • Responsible use of the funds gathered from advertising to grow Natural Life Energy and to spread the knowledge of the benefits of a plant-based diet and for having respect for the enironment.

Questions or comments?

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding our use of advertisements on the website.

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