Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Aqiyl Aniys | Posted August 12th, 2016 | Modified - July 1st, 2019

Aqiyl Aniys is the author of the books Alkaline Herbal Medicine, Alkaline Plant Based Diet and the children's book, Faith and Justice eat an Alkaline Plant Based Diet." He received a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, a BA in Organizational Behavior and Communications from NYU, worked as an elementary school teacher, and studied social work. He enjoys boxing, kick boxing, cycling, power walking, and basically anything challenging, and his alkaline plant-based diet supports all that he does. Learn more about transitioning to an alkaline vegan diet using the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide.

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The prickly pear cactus belongs to the Opuntia genus of cacti. People also refer to the prickly pear cactus as the nopal cactus. The nopal cactus’ paddles are nopales and its reddish fruit or cactus pear is the prickly pear or tuna.

Nopal Prickly Pear Cactus Benefits

Purslane - More Than A Weed

Though purslane is the common name for Portulaca oleracea, purslane also refers to other species of the Portulaca genus. Portulaca oleracea purslane grows more…

Purslane – More Than A Weed

Dr. Sebi has died on August 6, 2016. Dr. Sebi was arrested for having 37 thousand dollars and was taken to a jail in Roatan, and died from health complications from being jailed…

After Dr. Sebi’s Died He Is Found Not Guilty!

Irish Moss - Sea Moss - Gel Preparation And Benefits

Irish moss is sea moss and its botanical name is Chondrus crispus. Sea moss grows commonly around the shores of Ireland and became commonly known as Irish…

Sea Moss Gel Preparation And Benefits

Dr. Sebi's African Bio Mineral Balance

Dr. Sebi developed his African Bio-Mineral Balance herbal compounds and nutritional guide to support the healthy expression of the African genome….

Dr. Sebi’s African Bio Mineral Balance

Puerto Rican Governor Stopped CDC From Using Pesticide Harmful To Pregnant Women to Combat Zika Virus

The Huff Post reported the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was about to spray Naled, a known toxic pesticide, in Puerto Rico to combat the spreading Zika virus…

Puerto Rican Governor To CDC: No Use Of Zika Pesticide Harmful To Pregnant Women

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