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Amaranth Greens – Kale Make Room For This Super Green

By | November 30th, 2013 | Modified - October 3rd, 2016
.Amaranth Greens
Green Leafy Amaranth

Amaranth Greens

Amaranth greens, a new green leaf sheriff in town is here. The popular leafy green kale has earned the title “queen of greens,” and with good reason. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, but it may be time for kale to share the throne with amaranth greens.

I grew up eating amaranth greens but I didn’t know the greens by that name, and knew amaranth greens as callaloo. Amaranth is the collective botanical name for the Amaranthus plant species, and callaloo is part of the species.

Amaranth greens are a staple of the diet of many cultures including Jamaicans who use the greens to make dish called callaloo. Jamaicans make the staple callaloo breakfast dish by steaming amaranth greens with onions, peppers, and spices. The dish is also eaten throughout the day.

Since amaranth greens are used more extensively in African, Caribbean, and South American dishes, they are less available in stores that don’t cater to these communities.

I found out what a nutritional powerhouse amaranth greens were fairly late in my life, even though I grew up eating callaloo.

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Kale gets most of the attention out of the leafy greens, likely because of its less ethnic association. It is a nutrient powerhouse though. 100 grams of raw kale contains 308% of the DV for vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C, and dominates other leafy greens in these nutrients. Kale also contains 1021% of vitamin K, and good amounts of  other nutrients.

Amaranth greens aren’t too shabby either.

Amaranth Greens Nutrition

How does amaranth greens  stand up to the nutritional powerhouse kale? This comparison is for 100 grams of raw amaranth greens vs 100 grams of raw kale.

Values based on USDA SR-26 Amaranth Leaves, Raw, Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs). View a full report on amaranth nutrition here.

Nutrient Amaranth Kale
Vitamin A: 2917 mcg
58% DV
15376 mcg
308% DV
Vitamin C: 43.3 mg
72% DV
120 mg
200% DV
Vitamin K: 1140 mcg
1425% DV
817 mcg
1021% DV
Folate 21% 7%
Calcium 22% 14%
Iron 13% 9%
Magnesium 14% 8%
Potassium 17% 13%
Sodium 1% 2%
Zinc 6% 3%
Manganese 44% 39%

Kale is definitely a green leafy nutrient powerhouse because of its dominance in vitamin A and vitamin C. We usually look to oranges for vitamin C, but just 100 grams of kale contains 200% DV.

Amaranth greens aren’t a slouch either. 100 grams of amaranth greens supplies over 50% of the DV for vitamin A. It also supplies nearly 75% of he DV for vitamin C.

Amaranth greens dominate kale in vitamin K, and has a higher mineral content than kale in almost every category.

Making dishes like callaloo is an excellent way to enjoy amaranth green’s wonderful taste, but making blended amaranth green juices is a great way to saturate your body with nutrients.

A great way to get lots of nutrients into the body is to make blended vegetable juices from amaranth greens, kale, or other leafy greens.

You will likely be able to consume far more vegetables by making blended vegetables juices, than by eating whole greens. If you aren’t familiar with amaranth greens, give them a try.


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