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Bayer HIV: Bayer Knowingly Infected People With HIV

By | August 9th, 2013 | Modified - December 4th, 2014

Bayer HIV – Be Careful Of Big Pharma

Bayer HIV: Bayer Knowingly Infected People With HIV
Bayer HIV: Bayer Knowingly Infected People With HIV

Bayer HIV. How can these words be associated in a negative way? One would think that this could never happen, but it did.

Though this is an old story it needs to be revisited as a reminder that big business and big pharmaceutical companies take care of their bottom line first. Often the little person and the disenfranchised person is taken for granted.

Big companies establish themselves as trustworthy authorities in their industry, and the general population come to accept them as trustworthy. The thought may be that these companies have gotten so big that they must be trustworthy and their products must be better than the rest. Well there appears to be more going on than what meets the eye.

Bayer HIV Scandal: Factor 8

During the mid 1980’s the Bayer unit, Cutter Biological, developed a medicine called Factor 8. Bayer’s Factor 8 is a medicine that is injected into the bloodstream via syringe to treat people with hemophilia, a genetic disorder where the blood doesn’t clot normally.

Bayer’s first version of the medicine was the “unheated” version of the medicine, which presented the risk of transmitting HIV to its users. The company supposedly didn’t know this version contained HIV when it was first made, but mounting evidence eventually made it impossible for Bayer to ignore the fact.

The medicine was made from the plasma of blood donors which contained the missing component people with hemophilia needed to properly clot. Since there wasn’t any HIV screening at the time, the plasma was given freely to those who needed it, and some of the units were contaminated with the HIV virus.

Once Bayer become aware that there product was contaminated with HIV, Bayer later developed a safer “heated” version of the medicine which it sold in US and European markets. The heated version rendered the virus “undetectable.” To me that doesn’t mean that it still didn’t contain the virus, it only meant it couldn’t be detected.

Bayer made the heated version available in the United States and European markets, but HIV had already been given to thousands of hemophiliacs, many of whom died. Bayer admitted no wrongdoing, but Bayer and three other companies had to pay hemophiliacs about $600 million to settle more than 15 years of lawsuits accusing them of making a dangerous product.

Bayer HIV: Profit Was The Bottom Line

Bayer did make the safer heated version of the Bayer 8 medicine, which US and European markets were given access to and benefitted from.

Bayer knowingly continued to make and sell the unheated HIV contaminated version to Asian and South American countries because it was cheaper to produce.

Bayer didn’t want to lose money by destroying the HIV contaminated medicine, and in the end Bayer was allowed to sell the contaminated medicine to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Argentina with the permission of the FDA, according to documents be the New York Times.

Part of the Bayer HIV scandal involved two French health officials who were concerning with no losing money so they continued to use up old stocks of the HIV contaminated unheated version of the Bayer Factor 8, even when the heated version became available.

At least they were sent to prison, unlike their US counterparts who didn’t face any jail time for infecting tens of thousands with HIV, and killing thousands.

Bayer HIV: Bayer’s Factor 8 Kills Thousands Including Children

According to the documents Bayer made it difficult and even denied non US and European countries access to the less dangerous heated version of the medicine when it became available, forcing non US and non European countries to take the chance of using the unheated version of the Bayer factor 8 to treat patients who had hemophilia.

Countries were also told that the untreated version of the medicine posed no “severe hazard,” when the evidence showed that it did.

The unheated HIV contaminated medicine ended up infecting tens of thousands and killing thousands. Thousands of innocent children and adults have died because of Bayer’s bottom line.

Bayer HIV: Different Companies – Same Bottom Line Agenda

Though this case happened a while ago, we can see the same approach to gaining money at the expense of everything else is being used by many big businesses. Monsanto is an example.

Monsanto is directly compromising our health by genetically modifying food and doing short-term tests that will show the products in a favorable light.

They are able to manipulate the system and bypass long-term tests that would show their products in a less than favorable light. Independent long-term tests show that their genetically modified foods are not safe and their GMO corn has been shown to increase the rates of cancer in laboratory tests.

It is becoming more and more apparent, and the Bayer HIV scandal is just one example, that people are just being considered another piece in this economic game and that there is a blatant disrespect for human life.

Be cautious of big business and big “pharma,” reduce or remove the use of man made chemical substances you introduce into your body, eat less or remove processed foods from your diet, and eat whole foods, natural healing herbs, and a plant based diet to restore and maintain your healthy living.

Bayer Scandal

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