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Bloated Fat Cells Leak Fat Into The Bloodstream Causing Risk Of Diabetes

By | February 12th, 2015 | Modified - March 3rd, 2019
Bloated Fat Cells Leak Fat Into The Bloodstream Causing Risk Of Diabetes
Bloated Fat Cells Leak Fat Into The Bloodstream Causing Risk Of Diabetes

Excessive fat in fat cells leaks out of fat cells and into the bloodstream.[1] These free fatty acids that are not packaged into triglycerides trigger the release of cytokine TNF and inflammation.[2]

The TNF and the fatty acids enter muscles cells causing the buildup of toxic fat breakdown products and oxidative stress. This can block the cells insulin receptor pathways and lead to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance causes pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. As the level of fat in the bloodstream rises, the ability to clear glucose from the bloodstream drops.[3]

Muscles are responsible for removing 85% of the sugar from the blood, and the toxic buildup of fat in muscles interfere with this major sugar removal process. The buildup of fat in muscle cells sets the stage for pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

It also starves the muscles from their primary fuel supply because the toxic fat breakdown products block the insulin receptor pathways and doesn’t allow glucose into the muscle cells.

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Image Credit: Marjan Lazarevski via Flickr.

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