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Sage Clears The Mind And Leads To Improved Memory

By | August 27th, 2014 | Modified - March 7th, 2019
Clearing Your Mind With Sage Leads To Improved Memory
Clearing Your Mind With Sage Leads To Improved Memory

Clearing Your Mind With Sage Leads To Improved Memory

When I started using sage (Salvia officinalis) I realized it helped to calm my mind. I often work on multiple things at the same time and sometimes my mind can inadvertently jump to another thought.

I noticed than when I used sage my mind calmed and it became easier to stay more focused on the task at hand.

I found out that sage was used in traditional medicine to calm the mind and to strengthen memory. From my personal experience I have to say traditional medicine got it right.

Many times it is difficult to find studies that examine the benefits of traditional herbal medicine, but I did find two studies that confirmed sage’s memory boosting power.

Often there aren’t many studies done on uncovering the power of traditional medicine because validating the power of natural herbs would undermine the value of expensive synthetic drugs.

Salvia lavandulaefolia (Spanish Sage) Enhances Memory In healthy Young Volunteers,” a study published in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior in 2003 examined the effects of sage on the memory of forty-four individuals.

Participants were given between 25-150 microliters of standardized essential oil extract of Salvia lavandulaefolia and placebo. The study concluded:

The 50 μl dose of Salvia essential oil significantly improved immediate word recall in both studies. These results represent the first systematic evidence that Salvia is capable of acute modulation of cognition in healthy young adults.

Professor Peter Houghton from King’s College also presented his findings at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Harrogate in September 2003, and in the article “Activity and Constituents of Sage Relevant to the Potential Treatment of Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease,” that Chinese sage contains active compounds similar to those developed into modern drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

The study of people’s brains who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease showed low levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh). Sage was found to inhibit the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE), which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down (ACh).

Inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is the basis of most drugs used clinically for symptomatic relief of the early stages of AD. Inhibition of AChE (i.e., reduction of the enzyme responsible for breaking down ACh) results in elevated levels of ACh in the brain, which is associated with improvement of cognitive function including memory.

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Plants used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine for improvement of memory and cognitive function
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