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Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Fiber As Part Of Whole Plant Foods And Not Fiber Supplements Support Optimal Health

By | December 25th, 2015 | Modified - March 2nd, 2019
Fiber As Part Of Whole Plant Foods And Not Fiber Supplements Support Optimal Health
Fiber As Part Of Whole Plant Foods And Not Fiber Supplements Support Optimal Health

The consumption of fiber as part of whole plant foods supports optimal health, not fiber supplements. Fiber supplements were created to fill a void in our diets that was created by the money generating reductionist paradigm of Western science.

The reductionist paradigm of Western science became very important in nutrition and very lucrative because it proved man could learn to isolate and catalog the properties of certain components of plant foods. This process also allowed scientists to isolate, extract, and package fiber to supplement low fiber diets.

This approach encouraged people to eat a Western diet that centered of animal, dairy, and processed foods that were deficient in fiber, because it gave people the false security that all they needed to do was was fiber supplements to make up for the lack of fiber in their diets.

This approach is not part of the natural order of life, God/The Source/Nature™, and it has serious repercussions on health. Once science came to the understanding the consumption of sufficient amounts of fiber was necessary to support health and homeostasis of the organs, industry used this revelation and to promote the purchase of fiber supplemented processed foods instead of promoting the consumption of natural fiber rich plant foods.

There was a boom in the sale of fiber supplements and fiber supplemented processed foods, while the consumption of plant foods and their truly health supporting fiber was ignored.

The danger of this science driven, reductionist, non-holistic approach to nutrition is it negates the very important factor that the relationship all the plant’s components have a greater health supporting effect on the body than one individual component alone.

Studies have shown that it is the consumption of fiber as part of whole plant foods that is protective against chronic diseases like bowel disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and not the consumption of fiber isolates or extracts.[1]

Though fiber in whole plant foods plays a major role in combating chronic diseases, a major part of fiber’s role is being a marker for the greater consumption of phytonutrients and nutrients in the plant foods. These components work together to optimally support homeostasis and health, rather than individually.

[1] D E Threapleton, D C Greenwood, C E L Evans, C L Cleghorn, and more. Dietary fibre intake and risk of cardiovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ 2013; 347.

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