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Google Predicts A Plant-Based Food Revolution Which Is Not A Good Thing

By | June 21st, 2016 | Modified - July 19th, 2016
Google Predicts A Plant-Based Diet Revolution
Google Predicts A Plant-Based Diet Revolution

Google’s parent company Alphabet has predicted a plant-based diet revolution, according to Fortune.

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent, studies and predicts how technology can change the world. Eric Schmidt recently laid out 6 moonshots (game changing technologies) that will change society, and plant-based technologies were one of them.

This was very exciting news at first until I learned more.

Synthetic Plant-Based Food Trend

The trend would promote the consumption of synthetic plant-based proteins, and not natural plant-based or vegan foods.

Big business would use this trend to circumvent God’s or nature’s foods to make a profit at the expense of people. 

People would eat synthetic plant-based proteins and foods because would think they were eating natural foods, because of its association with natural plant-based foods.

Why The Trend Towards Synthetic Plant-Based Foods

It appears the trend would start around the consumption of synthetic plant-based proteins. Eric Schmidt sees the revolution starting as a way to replace meat with synthetic plant-based proteins.

Greenhouse gases are dangerously on the rise because of the enormous production of livestock, which is triggering a climate change that will be very destructive to life on earth.

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The United Nations cited[1] the current rate of meat production as being unsustainable.[2][3][4][5] The U.N. said people would need to consume a plant-based or plant-centered diet to save live on earth.

Big business would develop synthetic plant-based proteins to be part of this trend.

Playing on the Protein Fear

Proponents of the meat industry have conditioned people into thinking that protein is the most important nutrient.

The meat industry has strategically associated meat with protein, and has conditioned people to think they need to consume a lot of protein to be healthy.

Manipulation leads people to make decisions out of fear, and  this manipulation will lead people to support the consumption of synthetic plant-based protein.

Science supports that the body only needs 10% of the nutrients consumed to come from protein. Manipulation has conditioned many into not believing this.

The focus on protein will lead people to support the consumption of synthetic plant-based proteins, and this will just be another means to manipulate people’s health.

The focus needs to be put on the consumption of natural non-hybrid whole plant foods.

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