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I Have A History Of Eating Meat. Is Eating Meat Bad?

By | September 28th, 2013 | Modified - December 4th, 2014

I Have A History Of Eating Meat

I Have A History Of Eating Meat. Is Eating Meat Bad?
I Have A History Of Eating Meat. Is Eating Meat Bad?

But I Have A History Of Eating Meat

Elders give me the argument that they have a history of eating meat and they were fine, but I do challenge this statement. I just think their younger bodies handled eating meat better thirty years ago, than how people of the same age now handle eating meat.

Our bodies are breaking down at early years now than in the past and our youth is not being able to compensate, and I think it is largely do to the processed foods we eat, including factory farmed meat.

I look at the elderly in societies that eat a typically western diet and and they seem to slow down more drastically compared to the elderly in societies that eat a more plant based diet. I used to look at this rapid “slowing down” as a natural process but I now realize that it is not a natural process of simply getting older.

After I Stopped Eating Meat I Have Reclaimed My Youth

I saw that path I was going down as a forty plus year old person and it was the same path as many who eat a western diet: becoming overweight, having a lack of energy, and being sick too often. Since I have adopted a plant based diet my weight and energy have returned to where they were when I was highly active in my twenties, and my mood is always in good standings.

I actually have more energy and feel better now than when I was in my twenties, when I consumed meat and also processed foods. On top of all this, I haven’t been sick since I adopted a plant based diet. I started cutting meat out of my diet over thirty years ago from pork, to beef, to poultry, to fish, ending at a plant based diet.

Each time I cut a category of meat out of my diet my health and weight benefitted, culminating with a plant based diet returning to my weight and energy of when I was in my twenties.

Factory Farmed Animals Brings The Worst Out Of Meat

We are what we eat and though we won’t turn into a cow, if we eat a steak we will take on properties of that cow. If the meat has a lot of fat on it, our bodies absorb the large fat which contributes to obesity. If the meat we eat has antibiotics in it, we continuously introduce the antibiotics into our bodies and the antibiotics become less effective against the bacteria they’re intended to treat.

If the meat we eat has disease in it, we introduce that disease into our bodies. If the meat we eat has chemicals added to it, those foreign chemicals are introduced into our bodies and they compromise our immune system. When we eat meat the contains growth hormones, those hormones cause our bodies to grow abnormally fast and big, which throws off our physical, mental, and emotional development.

When I was a child most thirteen year old girls were undeveloped, but now it seems like most are fully developed and many overweight. Eating meat nowadays is not like our past history of eating meat. It looks like we are ieating meat that is same meat our parents ate thirty years ago, but it is not the same meat. Eating meat now consists of eating meat full of fat, toxins, hormones, chemicals and antibiotic resistant disease, and they all create disease in our bodies and compromise our immune system.

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