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Sea Moss Gel Preparation And Benefits

By | July 31st, 2016 | Modified - March 25th, 2019
Sea Moss Gel Preparation And Benefits
Sea Moss Gel Preparation And Benefits

Sea Moss

Dr. Sebi made the use of sea moss popular because of it numerous health benefits and its gelatinous properties. People use it as a natural rising agent instead of using yeast, which is harmful, or unnatural baking soda.

Sea moss is a red algae and there are various types of sea moss. Sea moss gained notoriety because of its mucilage polysaccharide called carrageenan.

It is used as a thicken agent in soups and pastries.

Its natural balance mucilage and nutrients helped the Irish avoid starvation and supported their health.



Sea moss’s mucilage polysaccharide carrageenan compound has demulcent properties that sooth and protect the mucous membrane of organs throughout the organs. The mucous membrane is the organ’s first line of defense against disease throughout the body. The mucilage also helps support joints and connective tissue throughout the body.

Sea moss also contains numerous nutrients that help support the health of the body. 100 grams or 1 1/4 cups of sea moss contains the following nutrients:

  • Iron 8.9 mg 49% DV
  • Magnesium 144 mg 36% DV
  • Manganese 0.4 mg 18% DV
  • Phosphorus 157 mg 16% DV
  • Zinc 1.9 mg 13% DV
  • Calcium 72.0 mg 7% DV
  • Copper 0.1 mg 7% DV
  • Folate 182 mcg 46% DV
  • Riboflavin 0.5 mg 27% DV

You can find more nutrient details based on the USDA food database here.

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Sea moss contains a mucilage polysaccharide compound called carrageenan. Carrageenan is removed from red algae and is used as a common food additive.

Some recent studies have associated some forms of carrageenan with increased cancer risk, but the same association hasn’t been made with Chondrus crispus sea moss.

Carrageenan is extracted mostly from Kappaphycus alvarezii and Eucheuma denticulatum species of red algae.

Producers of carrageenan use the corrosive potassium hydroxide compound to strip the carrageenan from the seaweed, and  some of the compound remains in the carrageenan after it is extracted from the seaweed.

Consuming isolated and synthetic nutrient supplements have been shown to have a different effect on the body than consuming the nutrient in whole foods.

For example, vitamin A is needed by the body but studies have shown that the prolonged consumption of vitamin A supplements have been associated with increased risk in mortality.


You can consume sea moss as a natural whole food nutrient supplement by adding it to your vegetable juices and fruit smoothies.

You can also is use as a thickener and to make cakes and breads rise.Whether you are making a sea moss enriched vegetable juice, fruit smoothie, Irish moss drink, or using it for baking, you can start with a sea moss gel.

How to Sea Moss Gel

Update: Please visit this link for updated information about buying real sea moss. Sea moss is a red algae and there are various forms of red algae, having similar properties.

The real and fake sea moss shown in the picture are likely Gracilaria. People often refer to it as Irish moss, but Irish Moss is a different form of red algae.

Dr. Sebi spoke specifically about Chrondus crispus, which is the original Irish moss. I made this video showing how to make sea moss gel with Chrondus crispus, Irish moss.

You can also check out the updated article, Make Sea Moss Gel With The Original Chrondus Crispus

Cleaning Sea Moss

(These original instructions are for preparing sea moss gel with Gracilaria sea moss. Gracilaria has come to be known as Irish moss but it is different from the original Irish moss – Chrondus crispus.)
I started with 56 grams of dried wildcrafted sea moss. Its natural color varies from greenish-yellow, to brown, to red, to dark purple, to purplish-brown.

Irish Moss - Sea Moss 56 grams dry

Rinse the sea moss the remove any loose dirt.

Soak the sea moss in room temperature spring water for 15 minutes to loosen up and remove and lingering dirt.

The dried sea moss will start to expand.

I used room temperature water for the quick soak so the water wouldn’t leech any nutrients from the sea moss, since I would discard the water and dirt.

The sea moss expanded during the 15 minute soak.

Irish Moss - Sea Moss Soak Expanded

Sea Moss Soak

I prefer to use hot water to do a long soak to soften the cell walls of the sea moss to make its mucilage and nutrients more bio-available.

You can also use room temperature water, but hot water makes sea moss gel more gelatinous.

You can let the sea moss soak overnight or a minimum of 2 hours in hot water. Soak the sea moss overnight if you are using room temperature water.

Irish Moss - Sea Moss Hot Water Soak

Blending Sea Moss

Though I showed the sea moss and the water it soaked in separately, I added them both to the blender.

The sea moss takes up around 20 oz. in the blender when packed down.

I used a 2 water to 1 sea moss ratio for this sea moss gel. You can use a 1 to 1 ratio for a thicker gel.

I wanted to show the water separate to show how the mucilage and nutrients seeped into the hot water.

You don’t want to discard the nutrients and want to add them to the blend.

I added the sea moss, sea moss water, and enough hot water to fill 60 oz. of the blender jar.

56 grams of dried sea moss made a picture of sea moss gel water. The sea moss will get darker after it settles and cools, and will become more gelatinous.

Irish Moss - Sea Moss Blending After

Refrigerating Sea Moss

The sea moss got darker and more gelatinous after being in the fridge for 12 hours. Another day in the fridge will make it like jello.

The gel is still pourable after 12 hours, but will become more like jello after another day in the fridge.

I will have to scoop out what I need. I add around a half cup when I blend my vegetable juices or fruit smoothies, or add 2 tablespoons to a glass of water.

You can also use it to make baked goods rise.

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