Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Monarch Butterfly’s Yearly Migration To Michoacán Mexico

The yearly migration by millions of monarch butterflies to Michoacán, Mexico is a most beautiful sight and also grueling trip for the butterflies.

The monarch butterflies travel to Mexico from Canada and the U.S. to escape the cold of the winter season. The trip can be more than 3000 miles for these delicate insects.

They make the grueling trip to pass the cold months in the forests of Michoacán, Mexico.

Besides the length of the trip, the migration the butterfly’s migration is incredible because the butterflies are able to navigate to the their destination without ever have been being there before.

On top of that it takes the butterflies several months to make the entire trip and they need to produce several generation of butterflies along the way to do this.

The butterfly’s lifespan is shorter than the time it would take to make the trip, so the butterflies stop along the way to breed and to produce another generation of butterflies that continue the trip where the previous generation left off.

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