Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet
10 Months A Vegan

A Plant Based Diet Offers This Boxer Healthy Living And Increased Stamina Vegan, Boxing, Cycling, Power Walking, Strong! I have heard the whispers, “Is Aq OK? Is Aq sick? Aq has lost a lot of weight? Is Aq malnourished from being vegan?” I am not sick. I am feeling great. My plant based diet has […]

10 Months A Vegan | A Healthy Boxer With Increased Stamina: Video

Vegan Biker Holds On Tight

Calm Nerves And Steady Hands Came In Handy During This Weeks Biking Exercise Near bike accident on Route 9W to Nyack This series of biking weekends is soon going to come to an end for me, as it is going to get too cold for me to ride comfortably. So I guess some drama was […]

Vegan Biker Holds On Tight To Avoid An Accident

Exercise Is Important For Healthy Living

You will find from my posts that I am a physically active person. I find that exercise helps in many ways to improve my quality of life, and my healthy living. Being physically active involves movement and the body loves movement, and it also loves stillness. Stillness is different from not being physically active…

Exercise Is Important For Healthy Living

George Washington Bridge To Rockland State Park Bike Ride This time around I did the whole trip on my new road bike. I like it, but I am still getting used to it. I still want to make a few modifications to the bike which should be done by this weekend. Hopefully we will get […]

This Vegan Biker Shoots Down The Malnourished Myth

Cycling or Biking is a great exercise to build and sustain your life energy, your mental and physical well-being. Our 48 mile bike ride was a great test…

Bicycling To Support Your Life Energy

For my second day power walking, my goals were to have better balance, power walk faster, and power walk for a longer period of time. Basically, I was pushing myself for better results. I started off with a warm-up of 8 rounds on the heavy bag. This was an improvement over my first day of power walking where…

Second Time Power Walking On A Treadmill

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