Plant Based Diet
Plant Based Diet

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A well balanced plant based diet, consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes (peas, beans), seeds, and some grains are alkalizing foods which is key to supporting our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. These foods provide us with an awesome variety nutrients and phytonutrients that nourish and heal our bodies.

Along with plant based foods there is also great value in herbs made from certain plant leaves and roots, like sarsaparilla and ginger, that are used as part of a blood detox, kidney cleanse, small intestine cleanse, colon cleanse, and liver-gallbladder cleanse.

By eating a plant based diet we limit the amount of disease causing foods we put into our bodies. The abundant nutrients and phytonutrients in plant based life can more effectively strengthen organs and give them the best chance to operate at peak efficiency which results in healthy living.

We must not forget exercise also. Exercise and fitness support healthy living by reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing energy, controlling weight, and improving mood. A well rounded plant based diet and exercise effectively supports healthy living.

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