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Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

Cleanse your Liver - Liver Gallbladder Cleanse
Cleanse your Liver – Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

The liver is a vitally important organ and a liver gallbladder cleanse can help to keep it operating at an optimum level. The liver screens the blood for toxins, viruses, and bacteria, detoxifies alcohol and certain drugs, and plays a major part in the supporting the body’s immune system. The liver uses Kupffer cells, a type of white blood cell, to destroy viruses, bacteria, old blood cells, and other substances being filtered through the liver.

When the liver is damaged, its ability to carry out functions are compromised like its ability to fight infection, manufacture essential enzymes and proteins, secrete bile to aid digestion, absorb and store vitamins A, D, E, and K, manufacture and regulate hormones, and to remove waste from the blood.

The liver can be damaged by recreational and prescription drugs, and through a build up of toxins absorbed into the body through the skin, through breathing, or through ingesting foods containing toxins. The liver is also damaged through an autoimmune attack like as non-infectious hepatitis, and also by viral hepatitis, and cancer.

Cancer does not usually start in the liver, but is commonly transported to the liver from the colon, breast, lymph glands, lung, pancreas, and stomach. Our livers are under extreme pressure because of the large amounts of toxins present in the air, food, water, and environment that we take into our bodies.

Symptoms of a Damaged Liver

  • Fatigue, lack of appetite, loss of energy, weakness, weight loss and nausea.
  • Jaundice: The liver can't remove bilirubin from the blood, which causes a yellowing of the skin and white part of the eyes
  • Nails become curved and white rather than pink
  • Digestion problems resulting in a loss of appetite, weight loss, and anemia
  • Lighter stool due to the lack of bile production
  • Blood clotting takes longer because the liver's ability to make the clotting protein, fibrinogen, is compromised
  • The body retains water and becomes bloated because its ability to help the kidneys remove water is compromised

    Cleaning the Liver & Gallbladder

    First thing, the liver is a wonderful organ. The liver is incredible and regenerates its cells to repair damage and heal itself. This function helps us even more in working towards restoring our livers. The large amounts of processed foods, toxins, and stress makes it hard for the liver to do what it was designed to do, clean the body and restore itself in the process. We can help it by giving it a break by eating more raw foods, removing recreational and prescription drugs from our systems, reducing and stopping alcohol consumption, and by drinking plenty of water.

    There are varying versions of liver/gallbladder cleanses floating around and the one that seems most comprehensive to me is based to the liver/gallbladder cleanse developed by Dr. Hulda Clark and found in her book “The Cure for All Cancers.” The following cleanse is derived from the book “The Cure for All Cancers.”

    Gallstone blockage in the Gallbladder
    Gallstone blockage in the Gallbladder

    Biliary ducts in the liver carry bile to one large duct called the “common bile duct.” The liver makes 1 to 1.5 quarts of bile a day, a digestive juice that emulsifies fats. Bile flows from the liver to the common bile duct, where it is then stored in the gallbladder. When we eat protein or fat the gallbladder squeezes itself empty and the bile travels to the intestine.

    As shown in the picture, the gallbladder and ducts can become blocked impeding the flow of bile which interferes with normal digestion. The build up of gallstones cause back pressure on the liver and cause the liver to slow its production of bile. With the accumulation of gallstones much less cholesterol leaves the body, and cholesterol levels rise. Gallstones are porous and can pick bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites being filtered through the liver. These stones become a constant supply of harmful substances for the body.

    Lets Clean the Liver & Gallbladder

    You should clean the kidneys and the colon before you do the liver cleanse. The kidneys remove liquid waste and the colon removes solid waster. Cleaning the kidneys and colon first will help optimize the liver cleanse.

    It is recommended to clean the body of parasites before you the cleanse, because it is more difficult to remove gallstones without killing parasites first. I jumped right in the first time I cleaned my liver|gallbladder without doing a parasite killing regime.

    I removed about 30 gallstones and feel like I could have definitely removed more. People can have hundreds of gallstones in their bodies. I have been on a parasite cleanse regime since then, and it consists of a black-walnut and wormwood. The two herbs are specifically used for killing parasites. My next liver/gallstone cleanse should be explosive. :)

    It is also suggested to drink plenty of fresh apple juice made from organic apples for 2-3 days before the cleanse. Apple juice contains malic acid which dissolves and softens gallstones to make for a more successful liver cleanse.

    Now, some people suggest that the gallstones passed by doing the cleanse are not really gallstones, and the green stones actually are soft complexes of mineral, olive oil and lemon juice produced within the digestive tract. Dr. Hulda produced a medical document of one of its customers who had the gallstones that were during the liver cleanse analyzed.

    Find liver cleanse testimonials here, and gallstone pictures here.

    Since the liver cleanse causes the gallbladder to squeeze itself it is possible that gallstones can become lodged is the opening of the gallbladder. Because of this, it is suggested that the procedure should only be done under the care of a health practitioner. I did do mine on my own though.

    Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse

    Gallstones removed during Liver Cleanse
    picture from


    • 1/2 Cup Olive Oil Extra Virgin (The original recipe calls for olive oil, but many people have difficulty swallowing the olive oil without getting nauseous. The important thing is to use an oil to stimulate the gallbladder to contract, so you can use another oil. It is easy for me to swallow unrefined coconut oil, and sometimes I drink one to two tablespoons for quick energy. Try using unrefined coconut oil if you have difficulty swallowing the olive oil.)
    • 3 lemons or 2 small pink grapefruits (I used 3 lemons)(Some people recommend grapefruit juice over lemon because they feel it mixes better with the olive oil. The lemon juice mixed fine to me.)
    • 4 tablespoons Epsom salts (People who can't tolerate Epsom salt should not do this particular cleanse.)
    • 3 cups water (I used 3 cups of organic apple juice instead)

    Purpose of Ingredients

    • Apple juice contains malic acid to dissolve the cohesion between gallstones.
    • Epsom is used to relax bile ducts to let stones pass easily.
    • Olive oil is used the make the gallbladder squeeze itself to push out gallstones.
    • Lemon juice or grapefruit juice is used to cut the taste of the olive and to make it easier to swallow.

    The folllowing is taken from "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers", p. 562ff:

    Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse, since you will be able to rest the next day. Take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without; they could prevent success. Stop the parasite program and kidney herbs, too, the day before. Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch such as cooked cereal, fruit, fruit juice, bread and preserves or honey (no butter or milk). This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

    2:00 PM. Do not eat or drink after 2 o'clock. If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later. Get your Epsom salts ready. Mix 4 tbs. in 3 cups water (I used 3 cups of fresh squeezed apple juice instead)and pour this into a jar. This makes four servings,3/4 cup each. Set the jar in the refrigerator to get ice cold (this is for convenience and taste only).

    6:00 PM. Drink one serving 3/4 cup of the ice cold Epsom salts. If you did not prepare this ahead of time, mix 1 tbs. in 3/4 cup water now(I used apple juice). You may add 1/8 tsp. vitamin C powder to improve the taste (I didn’t do this). You may also drink a few mouthfuls of water afterwards or rinse your mouth. Get the olive oil (ozonated, if possible) and grapefruit out to warm up (I used 3 lemons).

    8:00 PM. Repeat by drinking another 3/4 cup of Epsom salts.You haven't eaten since two o'clock, but you won't feel hungry. Get your bedtime chores done. The timing is critical for success.

    9:45 PM. Pour 1/2 cup (measured) olive oil into the pint jar. Add 2 drops HCl to sterilize (I didn’t do this). Wash grapefruit twice in hot water and dry; squeeze by hand into the measuring cup. Remove pulp with fork. You should have at least 1/2 cup, more (up to 3/4 cup) is best. You may use part lemonade (I squeezed 3 lemons). Add this to the olive oil. Also add Black Walnut Tincture (I didn’t add this to the list because I think it is less effective at this stage. The Black Walnut is used to kill parasites. I think it is more effective to do a parasite killing regime before the cleanse.) Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake hard until watery (only fresh grapefruit juice does this).

    Now visit the bathroom one or more time, even if it makes you late for your ten o’clock drink. Don’t be more than 15 minutes late. You will get fewer stones.

    10:00 PM. Drink the potion you have mixed. Take 4 ornithine capsules with the first sips to make sure you will sleep through the night (I didn’t take them. I also drank the oil lemon juice mixture straight down.) Take 8 if you already suffer from insomnia. Drinking through a large plastic straw helps it go down easier. You may use oil and vinegar salad dressing, or straight honey to chase it down between sips. Have these ready in a tablespoon on the kitchen counter. Take it all to your bedside if you want, but drink it standing up. Get it down within 5 minutes (fifteen minutes for very elderly or weak persons).

    ‘Lie down immediately. You might fail to get stones out if you don't. The sooner you lie down the more stones you will get out. Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don't clean up the kitchen. As soon as the drink is down walk to your bed and lie down flat on your back with your head up high on the pillow. Try to think about what is happening in the liver. Try to keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open (thank you Epsom salts!). Go to sleep, you may fail to get stones out if you don’t.

    Next morning. Upon awakening take your third dose of Epsom salts. If you have indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. You may go back to bed. Don't take this potion before 6:00 am.

    2 Hours Later. Take your fourth (the last) dose of Epsom salts. You may go back to bed again.

    After 2 More Hours you may eat. Start with fruit juice. Half an hour later eat fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light. By supper you should feel recovered.

    My Experience Doing the Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse

    Olive oil, epsom salt, lemon juice, drink them? These may not sound like appetizing words when put together. Don’t let these combination of words stop you from cleaning your liver and gallbladder. I think I have less of an iron stomach and more of a strong will to want to continue to rid myself of toxins, strengthen my health, and to continue to increase my energy.

    The lemon juice olive oil mixture wasn’t horrible and wasn’t too difficult to swallow. I didn’t even have to hold my nose. I just made sure it was mixed well, and I just drank it down.

    I mixed apple juice with the Epson salts for two reasons. One it made it taste better, and the malic acid in the apple juice helped to weaken the bonds between gallstones. I drank the apple juice Epsom salt mixture easily. I didn’t use the ornithine capsules to help me sleep because I didn’t want to introduce this new substance to my body.

    I just rested on my back, breathed and thought of peace, and I was able to sleep without too much disturbance. Yes I did pass gallstones, and plenty of them. It didn’t hurt and they passed easily because the Epsom salt relaxed my ducts and intestines. I am ready to do my next liver-gallstone cleanse.

    Herbs For Liver Cleanse

    I did the above liver cleanse to quickly flush out built up cholesterol and toxins from my liver and gallbladder. I did this cleanse alongside my three month herbal cleanse. The liver cleanse was the big broom I used to sweep away major obstructions quickly, while the herbs were used for a deep cleanse that helped to repair the liver from toxin damage. I used various herbs like burdock root, dandelion, and sarsaparilla to help my liver strengthen and repair itself.

    Dr. Hulda
    An Overview of Hepatitis
    Well Womens Guide to The Liver and Kidneys
    Liver Damage Symptoms

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    • Lupie says:

      I did the cleanse because my doctor said I had gallstones. I drank a quart of Apple juice a day for five days and followed the directions for the cleanse. I didn’t feel all the sensations everyone talks about, but for the first time in a very long time I have no pain in the right side of my abdomen. Even though I really hated the taste of the Epsom salts I had no abdominal distress when evacuating my bowels. I plan to do this cleanse again in six months and every six months after as long as it keeps the pain away. I know that everyone seems to know how many stones they released, but I was a bit squeamish and didn’t look.

      • Aqiyl says:

        Bahahahahahahahahahaha, “I know that everyone seems to know how many stones they released, but I was a bit squeamish and didn’t look.” LOL!!! I know, I know!!! I am glad you were successful with the flush.

    • Sue Townsend says:

      My gallbladder was removed 1 month ago today. After numerous blood test, my levels of bilirubin has one again skyrocketed. My blood tests also reflect extreme high levels of AST 191, alk phos 336, alt 182. An imaging test showed the liver bile ducts totally plugged with stones. Would this cleanse help me? Or is there something else I can do to help my liver. Thank you. I would prefer not to have surgery. If this would be safe for me, what would I replace the Epsom salt with. I am unable to eat spicy or salty foods since removal of gallbladder. Thank so very much.

      • Aqiyl says:

        Sue, this sounds like a tricky and serious situation. My first though was why wasn’t your bile ducts cleared when your gallbladder was removed? Were there complications? I have to assume you had obstructions in your bile ducts before the surgery, because to develop new blockage in only one month since your operation would indicate there are some serious issues at hand. The gallbladder flush is to flush the gallbladder, and since your gallbladder was removed it would do you any good. It would seem like you have to seriously adjust your diet to reduce fat intake, and you should speak with your doctor.

        • Sue Townsend says:

          Thank you for the reply. To answer your questions, yes they checked everything before stitching me up. I am mostly a vegetarian. I think it may be in my genes. I’m scheduled to have my liver
          (dye test) tomorrow. I really appreciate you taking time out and replying.

          • Aqiyl says:

            Hi Sue,
            Are you saying the blockage developed after you had your surgery? If so then I would have to say the the blockage may not be stones. The stones are able to form in the gallbladder because it is used as a storage area, which allows the stones to build over time. Since your gallbladder has been removed bile produced by the liver should flow freely through the bile ducts. I think you need to find out what is obstructing your bile ducts. Why is the dye test supposed to tell you? … It is my pleasure to help.

    • Janet says:

      I did this one day flush pretty much to the exact recipe and had amazing results. I could not believe the amount of stones and how large some of them were. Thinking about those stones being inside for who knows how long and how it had to surely be clogging things up really made me a believer in this protocol. I highly recommend it.

    • Cristi says:

      hello .. i tried this method ( similar to it) and not sure if I did this right? I didnt pass any stones as of yet since I tried this last night. its 12:00 noon and still waiting …. the one I took was drank apple juice all day ( no food) I did eat 2 celery sticks with pink salt with my olive oil and lemon ( i almost could not tolerate it. I had too, I was getting sick ( nauseous ) and then ate an apple with no skin later on after I took my olive oil / juice. the next morning , i took an laxative. the direction said either epsom salt or laxative would work. I went this morning, no stones. A friend of mine Shirley has been a RN for 40 years said not to overdo it because it could make you weak. I was indeed getting weak. the celery and apple helped. Should I try again?

    • Jess says:

      Your recipe says 1/2 cup olive oil but the instructions say 3/4 cup. Just wondering which quantity is correct. Also I am unable to drink apple juice as I’m intolerant to it. I do eat cherry tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries daily containing Malic acid. Is this enough? Also I’m a 27yr old female. How common would it be to have a gallstone block the opening causing me to end up in hospital? A bit nervous but very keen to try this cleanse. Thanks

      • Aqiyl says:

        Thanks Jess, I made the correction to 1/2 cup. I don’t know if the substitutes you mentioned contain enough malic acid and will have the same effect. I think anyone who does this cleanse, including me, is a bit nervous. I haven’t read anyone testimonies about people who ran into complications, BUT we all most understand that there can be complications. I looked at it this way. If I had gallstones that big to clog my ducts they would eventually compromise my gallbladder and I would end up having to have surgery. Using this methods relaxes the ducts the stones can move through more freely during the cleanse than if the moved through the ducts without the cleanse.

    • dilsya says:

      My metabolism is slowing down and was suggested to do a liver and bladder cleanse. I don’t have stones. Do you think this will help?

      • Aqiyl says:

        If it doesn’t hurt, I say give it a try. If you are trying to clean your liver, I would suggest looking into the herbal cleanse on the page to clean and strengthen the liver directly. The liver cleanse itself focuses on relieving pressure put on the liver by a backed up gallbladder.

    • sally says:

      Hi great article and site,
      I am considering this cleanse
      but mainly what is stopping me
      is worried about causing complications
      from passing larger stones and being in pain.
      After seeing my mum have acute Pancreatitis
      it’s something that sticks with me the amount of
      pain she was in- hospitalised and required Morphine.
      As you mentioned earlier in comments that it is
      possible for larger ones to sometimes
      get stuck. Most people who commence this
      would not have a clue whether they had any
      large stones. Do you recommend any prior exams
      to reveal if there are any larger stones?
      Many thanks for your time. :-)

    • Deb D says:

      I have been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis with post bile cerhosis, can I do this cleanse? And will it help my condition. I am at the moment doing a cleanse and have had 2 out of 3. Colonic hydrotherapy session so far. What are your thoughts? Thanks regs deb

      • Aqiyl says:

        There is a additional risk for you since your bile ducts are damaged. You may want to go the less direct and slower way. The herbs listed on the page help strengthen the liver/gallbladder but do it over a longer period of time. I would go the herb way. You must drink a gallon of water a day when taking the herbs. The herbs are natural diuretics and strip water from the body. In your situation I would start taking half the recommended dose of the herbs and build yourself up to the recommended dosage. Also it is very important to only put healing foods into your body to assist the herbs and remove harmful substances like meat, dairy, smoking, drinking alcohol. Foods from this list are healing foods:

    • shobhit says:

      Dear sir ,
      My close relative has gallbladder full of stones & touches liver which has infected liver causing cancer at advanced stage. as per doctors surgery cannot be done. as she has high jauindice they placed a stent between gallbladder & liver to reduce it. so that chemotharapy can be done being last option . but as per doctors since success rates depends on luck i want to know about your treatment of cleanse in this case may be after remove of stones it can be cured. please advice as soon as possible or any other treatment

    • Chris says:

      This worked beautifully.

      I fasted a bit longer beforehand, from 10:00 in the morning (that wasn’t intended, I just don’t eat by the clock), did the Epsom salts business as described, with the results you might expect. I took the olive oil and lemon juice at 22:00 and lay down on my left side immediately. about 20mins later I could distinctly feel the gallbladder release with a kind of ‘bubbling’ sensation which I guess is the stones coming down the common bile duct.

      At 6:00 In the morning I got up and passed about 20-40 stones, sand to gravel size, some yellow but mostly green. Largest size 12mm x 23mm. On the basis that I’d have built up another gallbladder full of bile by that time I repeated the olive oil and lemon juice with the morning dose of Epsom salts dissolved in it, once again I lay down on the left side, and about 10min later I felt the same sort of sensation from my gallbladder, though distinctly less bubbly this time.

      I passed some more stones about 08:00, though these obviously were already in the gut from last night’s activity. Its now 09:00, waiting to see what else happens…. must run.

      Ahhh, that’s better. A few more stones, all green this time.

      Throughout the experience the greatest discomfort was drinking the Epsom Salts which taste vile. I found that a dose of Blackcurrant squash concentrate in the solution makes it taste a lot better going down, but the aftertaste is still there.

      Conclusion: This actually works!

      Once again I must emphasize;


      About me; I’m not any sort of obsessive granola-crunching, long-haired, left-wing, vegetarian, Prius-driving health freak, though generally fit and healthy for my age. I’m 48, male, I like pies, kebabs, sausages, and beer.

      • Aqiyl says:

        I am glad it worked for you. This however just the first stage of cleaning the liver. What the liver gallbladder cleanse does is remove blockage in the gallbladder to take pressure off the liver. Please drink plenty of water daily and eat as much greens as possible to alkalize your body and to flush your system with concentrated nutrients.

        • Flamur says:

          Hello there, I’ve been searching on YouTube for gallbladder flush methods and so far I haven’t come across any actual proof. The claim that gallstones can be removed with Dr Hulda Clark’s method, for me is still in the realm of myth. Can anyone here provide some proof/evidence that goes to show that healing has taken place. Since this is a very important issue I think that some sort of back-up evidence should be presented also. And if this is a genuine proposition than it shouldn’t be hard at all to provide the necessary data to prove the healings. That would certainly convince me. Thank you and peace to all.

    • Gina says:

      Hi, recently i had an ulrasound done and the technician had told me that a
      ” pollyp ” was found in my gallbladder and said the only option was surgery.. I myself, for believing there is another way to diminish the ” pollyp “.. and prevent my gallbladder from being taken out.. my gallbladder isn’t dead.. he also wouldn’t be upfront with me on how it came about.. i dont believe in eating unhealthy.. So, my question is…how do i go about doing a cleansing to diminish the ” pollyp ” ?? I don’t want to suffer anymore with the bloating, pain and discomfort..

      • Aqiyl says:

        The technician should be the one telling you anything. Your doctor is a the one who should discuss your options? Does your doctor feel it is cancerous?

        Doing this cleanse doesn’t directly reduce polyps. Something is irritating the mucous membrane in the gallbladder, which could be caused by the buildup of toxins in that area. If it is, a cleanse will help to remove toxins and help the membrane to heal over time.

        You will have to address the reason for the buildup which is likely your diet. This nutritional list alkalizes the body and removes mucous: /alkaline-producing-mucus-reducing-nutrional-guide/

        Whenever anyone recommends surgery you should always get a second and third opinion.

        • Gina says:

          Either doctor nor technician told of any option or what has caused this issue.. I thank you so very much, for having me understand my condition.. I started a low fat- low sodium- glutin free diet, which I’m doing very well with plus drinking lemon water 16oz. Three times a day.. exercising and getting my rest.. I purchased the parastroy and ultimate cleanse kit.. was instructed to begin with parastroy to rid of any eggs developed,which is a 2 week regimen..then onto the 2 week cleansing. I have a good feelin about this.. I will also check out the link you have given me.. thank you and I will keep in touch.. hagd :)

    • Drew says:

      Worked great. I passed a great deal of stones. Some the size of clumped sand and others quite large. My question is how to replace the healthy enzymes an bacteria in my system without upsetting my post cleanse regimen? Thanks

      • Aqiyl says:

        Drew I am glad it worked well for you. You don’t need to worry about replacing enzymes and good bacteria with the liver cleanse. The colon cleanse calls for replacing good bacteria in the intestines.

    • nikita says:

      I have been detected with several stones in gall bladder about 1 cm in size through ultrasound. Doctor said the gall bladder needs to be removed. Can I do this cleanse and save my gall bladder?

      • Aqiyl says:

        I can only say that I would do the cleanse. There is risk in everything we do so just understand the risk and you have to make your decision. I passed stones that big and I was fine. The concern is that when flushing the gallbladder a stone can get stuck. My thinking is that if you do nothing it can get stuck anyway. I rather do do what I can to save my gallbladder and in the end I had to get it removed then I would get it removed. I would try to save it by cleaning it first. This is a quick money making operation for doctors and since you can live without your gallbladder many doctors are quick to remove it.

    • lola says:

      hi why do you have to use 2 doses of epson in the morning after.. my body is so weak ..after 6 am dose i have a bowel movement and after i can hear that my inside is empty and growling..

      much appreciated..

      • Aqiyl says:

        The epson salt relaxes the bile duct to allow the stones to move through more freely. I felt the empty growling also. You emptied you stomach by not eating which is the reason for the growling.

    • janet m says:

      Dear Aqiyl, can u please state the link or instructions for the parasite cleanse, I looked & couldn’t find the link, I saw u mentioned black walnut & wormwood & no instructions on how much for how long & other advices…

      Awaiting your assistance,

      Many thanks

    • Niki says:

      Hi, I recently visited a naturopath and she suggested I do this liver cleanse. However I’m quite worried about the ‘no eating after 2pm’ as I usually get hungry every 2 hours. If I skip a meal or don’t fill my stomach every 2 hrs, I usually get a migraine. Does this cleanse make you feel hungry at all? Is it possible to just eat some fruits I case I do feel hungry? Thanks :)

      • Aqiyl says:

        Hi Niki, (2:00 PM. Do not eat or drink after 2 o’clock. If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later. )

        I didn’t feel too hungry, but I also don’t get migraines if I don’t eat every2 hours. You might want to skip the main gallbladder cleanse and do the herbal cleanse with the herbs above. The herbs work best if you are following the nutrition guide:

        The herbal cleanse is also a long term cleanse used to strengthen the liver.

    • lola says:

      hi i have done the cleanse last night after 5 days on raw food. i did everything like you described except this morning i drank a bit less epson and water as i was feeling like i am going to vomit..After that I had a bowel movement, however did not find any stones. where did i go wrong?

      • Aqiyl says:

        Did you kill the parasites and drink the fresh apple juice for a couple of days before you did the cleanse?

        • lola says:

          parasites yes. apple juice on the day off the cleanse and 1 apple the day before.. .. the whole process is so draining so i am at the loss how this can happen. have to say that your article helped me a lot.

          • Aqiyl says:

            The cohesion between stones could be strong. Eating 1 apple the day before is not the same as flushing your system with fresh apple juice for a couple of days before the cleanse. The malic acid is needed to break the cohension between the stones.

      • Val says:

        How do u kill the parasites again ??? And is there another way without epsom salt

        • Aqiyl says:

          There is a link in the information above on killing parasites. Magnesium citrate should work instead of epsom salt.

    • feeling happy says:

      First thank you Agiyl for everything,sharing this natural way of cleansing,the olive oil with lemon does it well to me I remove 50 stone. also epsom salt does well I am bloated for many month now I feel relax I Thank you. QUESTION if you have the solution removing gallbladder stone,cleansing liver,HOW ABOUT SHARING ALSO HOW TO REMOVE HEARTBURN. I HAVE THIS ONCE IN A WHILE AND I HAVE TO DRINK SODA POWDER EVERY TIME. I WANT TO REMOVE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL.

      • Aqiyl says:

        Feeling Happy, I am glad the cleanse has helped you. Heartburn is caused by many different things. I used to have really bad heartburn and after I started eating a plant based diet it has totally gone away.

        Eating foods high in fat and oils can lead to heartburn. My personal experience is it is the fat in meat that caused my problem. I now eat a good amount of vegetable fat in whole foods like nuts I don’t have a problem with heartburn.

        Eat more whole food plant based life. check this nutritional guide for food that I eat:

        Medications, smoking, and drinking alcohol can contribute to heartbeat.

        Overeating can also cause heartburn. I eat 5-6 small whole food plant based meals a day and this has also helped me. Eating this way doesn’t overburden the stomach and fill it too much contributing to heartburn.

    • Nancy Lapp says:

      Hi my blood work showed that I have high sodium in my blood. would I benefit by doing the liver cleanse? I have a lot of bloating and itchiness {inside burning itch} I need to take colon cleanse on a regular basic and also my bowel movements are always light in color. thanks

      • Aqiyl says:

        The kidneys regulate the sodium in the body. You may want to look into a kidney cleanse. I drink plenty of water and use herbs mostly to cleanse my kidneys.

        You should also cut down on processed foods. They contain way too much salt.

    • Bob Anderson says:

      First let me say that this is a well written article. I have friends who followed the cleansing procedure yielding positive results. I read the article with the intent to follow the procedure. Recently, my blood serum tests showed elevated liver enzymes indicating the something is going on in the liver. The CT scan showed dilated bile duct. This was an alarming observation and the doctor made a stat referral to perform a scope procedure to view the upper digestive tract. In the mean time I have read about the possible root causes that dilate the bile duct. The causes can be gall stones, Caroli disease, infection and/or cancer. Gall stones were ruled out by an Ultra Sound scan. Based on what I read and the Ultra Sound results I decided to proceed with the next step of the investigation. I’m not looking forward to this step because it is intrusive, regardless, it is logical to determine the options based on their findings. So, I have opted to put the cleanse on hold pending the outcome of the investigation.

      • Aqiyl says:

        I thank you very much for taking time to share your experience. Please keep us informed as to the results of the investigation. I wish you wellness.

    • Nadia says:

      I have gollblader remove 6 moth before ,,can u tall me if i can clean my liver?

      • Aqiyl says:

        Hi Nadia,
        You can clean your liver with the herbs listed at the bottom of the page, but you can’t do the liver/gallbladder flush because you don’t have your gallbladder anymore.

    • maria says:

      Hi, I have a quick question: I was recently diagnosed with gallstones and a swollen gallbladder. The dr. said I have an infection in my gallbladder and that my gallbladder is “dead”, he was to take it out. But I don’t want to. Would It be safe for me to do this cleaning?

      • Aqiyl says:

        Hi Maria,
        I am sorry for the condition of your gallbladder. This would be a difficult one to call. If your gallbladder is really dead, then there is nothing that can be done for it. Did you get a second opinion? If you didn’t, you should definitely get a second opinion. How did the dr. come to the conclusion? What kinds of tests were run? How was he able to determine that you have an infection, and what type of infection? What measures were taken to fight the infection?

        • maria says:

          Hello, thank you for the quick answer! The Dr. Didn’t prescribed anything for the infection and that is the main reason that I am going for a second opinion. I had an ultrasound done and he said that when people have gallstones that it kills the gallbladder!? He didn’t give me another choice.

          • Aqiyl says:

            Yes please get a second opinion. Just because you or anyone has gallstones that doesn’t necessarily mean it will kill your gallbladder. Too many Dr.s are too quick to remove the gallbladder. It is a money making machine for them. If your gallbladder is truly in that bad of a shape then you may need to remove it, but it doesn’t seem like your Dr took the time to go through the options and did not even take the time to treat the infection.

            You first need to find out the condition of your gallbladder before you attempt to clean it. If it is not dead and you don’t have extremely large stones I would consider cleaning it. You need to take care of the infection first.

    • Patience says:

      Can I cleanse my liver while taking ARVS.

    • Wali says:

      Hello, your site is very helpful. I found other sites where they want you to drink 1 LT apple juice for 4 or 5 days I think. Then try Epson salt, olive oil etc as you mentioned above. Which is more effective?

      I have a gallstone which is 1.6CM. If I try this, will the stone get stuck? If it does get stuck, then it will create severe pain, if I am not wrong. Please advise me.

      • Hi Wali,

        The longer you drink the apple juice the more you will break the cohesion/bonds between gallstones. But if your diet contains a lot of fats and greasy foods you may be able to stay away from those foods for a shorter time, 2 days, while drinking a lot of apple juice.

        Everyone is different. Some people caution against doing the flush because gallstones can get stuck. The alternative is not to do the flush and have surgery. I chose to do the flush. There are many testimonials of people passing stones larger then 1.6cm, they and I took the chance that a gallstone could get stuck. Yes there is the possibility a gallstone can get stuck, but if the alternative is to have surgery and remove the gallbladder, you have to weigh the pros and cons.

    • Amrit Rai says:

      Thank for creating such meaningful site with invaluable information about flushing gallstones out without having to remove the gall bladder. But I wonder up to what size of gallstones can be removed through natural process mentioned above? In my case, I have a gallstone measuring approximately 19 mm in size. I wish to remove it by flushing naturally but afraid if it gets stuck in common bile duct and create secondary problems. Would be much grateful to your suggestion. Thanks

      • Hi Amrit Rai,
        How do you know you have a gallstone measuring 19mm? Have you had scans done by a doctor? What does you doctor say should be done?

        I understand your concern, but the concern remains whether you want to try flushing your gall bladder or not. Your gallstones can be dislodged anyway. What does your doctor recommend?

        I can give you a clearer suggestion after you answer my question.

        • Amrit Rai says:

          Thanks a lot for your response. I had an ultra sound done two weeks ago, which confirmed that I have a gallstone of that size. However, other than digestion problems and mild pains on the right side of my stomach below the rib cage, I don’t have other serious problems. I am desperately longing to follow your steps but am worried if a stone of that size can be dislodged or crushed first before removing without risking it to get stuck in the common bile. My doctor says, the gall bladder should be removed to avoid other impending ailments such as jaundice, pancreatitis etc. But I don’t want any surgery as much as possible. Would be thankful to your reply.

          • I see your dilemma Amrit, and it is not an easy solution. Having surgery to remove the gallbladder, which means you wouldn’t be able to store bile to break down fats in your body. Or flushing your gall bladder which could result in the gallstones getting stuck in the common duct. The first option is definite surgery. The second option is possible surgery. I would attempt to keep my gallbladder, and I would accept the consequence that might occur with the flush. I would make sure to extend the time to 1 wee I would drink the apple juice to increase the amount of malic acid I bring into my system to break the bonds between gallstones.

    • lola says:

      hi, thank you for the article!! After a week of raw food i went on a cleanse but every-time i had the epsom salts (which is in my case only 2 servings of salts with apple juice ) i had a bowel movement. After the epsom salts i continued on with olive oil and lemon and finally in the morning i had a bowel movement .. not sure if i passed any stones. I just have to trust that my body knows what to do.
      how can you know if you passed any stones and can you do a liver cleanse separate from Gallbladder cleanse.

      Any comment suggestion welcome

      • Hi Lola. At the bottom of the liver cleanse I listed herbs you can use to cleanse the liver specifically. They help to heal the liver so it can more effectively clean the body of toxins.

        The way to tell if you passed stones is to examine the stool you passed. Yes I know it is disgusting, but that is the way to tell. If you followed the cleanse you would have stop eating and drinking aside from what the cleanse called for. You should have passed less stool and is should have been loosely held together. You should have been able to see little balls of stool and inside them there should be green bile that look like the images in the picture above.

    • Rachna says:

      Thanks Alot for the great method …i managed to pass out around 20-25 stones today .I followed the mention steps …but i took apple juice for 5 days ..really amazed to see the result .
      Thanks alot

      • Hi Rachna, I am glad the cleanse was successful for you. Drinking the apple juice for 5 days could only help to loosen the stones a lot more.

    • Val says:

      How about pills?? To cleanse the gallBladder

    • Jen says:

      Can you take magnesium citrate instead of epson salts? Thanks!

    • Marilise says:

      Hi there…
      My galbladder has been removed but I am eeling the need to clean my liver. Can the above cleanse still be done?

      • Aqiyl says:

        Unfortunately this cleanse will not be very beneficial to you Marilise. This cleanse is for problems caused to the liver by a backed up gallbladder. Your focus will be more directly on liver repair and cleansing of the blood to take pressure off the liver. You can focus on the liver and blood with herbal cleanses listed in the bottom paragraph.

        Aqiyl recently posted…What Are Good Carbs?My Profile

    • kate says:

      i have tried to do this liver flush two weeks ago for the first time, but didnt go that well. i did the two epsom salts and then tried to drink olive oil with grapefruit juice. well.. as soon as i took a first sip i threw up. oh i felt so nauseous after and every single time i even thought of drinking it. and today i have tried to do it again, but the same thing happened with the oil. i just cant even bear the thought of drinking it. is there anything else i could drink instead of olive oil? as i dont think its healty making myself sick and throw up. would there be no result if i just skipped the olive oil and continued with the epsom salts? many taks

      • Aqiyl says:

        Kate, oil is needed to make the gallbladder squeeze itself. Try using coconut oil instead. Used unrefined coconut oil. The original recipe called for olive oil, but I think that was because olive was popular at the time. Any oil should do, because any fatty oil will trigger the gallbladder to contract. Please let me know how it works for you using coconut, and if you have an easier time, I will amend the article and add coconut oil as a substitute.
        Aqiyl recently posted…Plant Based Diet: Get Healthy NowMy Profile

        • kate says:

          i got the toasted sesame oil, as the shop didnt have drinkable coconut oil, only the really thick one in a jar that is meant to be used as a spread. so i drank the sesame oil, i found that taking spoonfulls of pure oil and drinking freshly squeezed apple juice on top was easier to drink, instead of mixing grapefruit juice with oil. i hope that the sesame oil is good aswell and all the effort is not for nothing. in the mean time i will keep looking for coconut oil and i will try it after two weeks during another cleanse.

    • branka says:

      Can you explain to me how do parasites prevent the gallstone expell?

      • Aqiyl says:

        The information I found from Dr. Clark isn’t clear about how parasites prevent gallstones from being expelled. I would think that their observations while performing liver cleanses showed that more gallstones passed when parasites were first removed. Probably the parasites interfered with the cohesion between gallstones being broken.
        Aqiyl recently posted…Herbal Remedies To Support Healthy LivingMy Profile

    • edgar says:

      I have never tried this however desperate times and all that. I am very concerned about the talk it made someone feel sick I am hoping this was a one of thing.
      loft bunk beds

    • cheryl says:

      I have used the cleanse but threw up ..the combination of the lemon/olive oil made me sick. I was so nauseated..I never felt so sick to my stomach in all my life! I even felt nauseated for a couple of days after. But I did pass stones. Any suggestions on what I can do next time tp prevent this?

      • Aqiyl says:

        Hi Cheryl, I am glad you did pass some stones, but not glad that you felt nauseated and got sick. Try using grapefruit juice next time instead of lemon juice as I have mentioned. You can can down on some of the olive oil so you don’t have as much to deal with. Did you use water or apple juice? I think most people use water, but I preferred using organic apple juice.
        Aqiyl recently posted…Rumor: Processed Meats Are Too Dangerous For Human Consumption, But…My Profile

    • danica says:

      I’m curious. I am interested in doing this cleanse for my liver, but I have had my gall bladder removed. Any thoughts for me?

    • Julie says:

      I ingested the grapefruit Epsom salt potions at 6 PM and 8 PM and about 930 the diarrhea hit before I could even take the olive oil drink. There’s no way that I could continue to take the olive oil drink/finish the cleanse. I’ve spent the next hour and a half on the toilet, so I lost my window of time for the olive oil drink. Plus I figured that if the pressure behind the liver and the gallbladder were not there anymore the olive oil drink would not be effective. This is the second time this has happened to me when I’ve tried to do this detox. I have done this detox once prior to those last 2 times and Was successful, and fortunately I had it coming both ends but I did rid of a lot of the stones. Just cannot figure out why I can’t get past those two Epsom salt drinks. I read other websites and they said you could do one drink and then the olive oil but at this point it’s too late! Would that work if you only did one drink? I really want to detox my liver and gallbladder but this is really a pain in the butt, literally! Would appreciate your feedback.
      Thanks, Julie

      • Aqiyl says:

        Hi Julie, some people have a higher tolerance for epsom salt than others. It appears that you don’t tolerate it as well, and that is okay. Epsom salt is used to relax bile ducts to let stones pass easily. Since you can’t get past the two Epsom salt drinks, no worries, just drink one then, and then drink the olive oil/lemon juice.
        Please make this clear for me. Did you only pass stones when you were successful in doing the cleanse prior to your last two times, or were you also able to pass stones the last two times also?
        That was funny about being a pain in the butt, and I understand. :)
        Aqiyl recently posted…Be Careful With The Type Of Cinnamon You UseMy Profile

    • Grandma Shelley says:

      Fortunate to see your site for the first time today….very interesting and valuable info observed here. Have a question about the liver cleanse specifically. Why is ‘apple juice’ listed under ‘purpose’ of ingredients but not actually listed as an ingredient? Is it actually an ingredient or not? Thanks much and may God continue to bless you.

      • Aqiyl says:

        Hi Grandma Shelley. The original ingredients for the cleanse doesn’t include apples, though it is suggested to drink fresh organic apple juice 2-3 days before the cleanse. Under ingredients I listed that I used apple juice instead of water. I now made that line bold to make it clearer. Peace and Blessings be with you.
        Aqiyl recently posted…Cayenne Pepper BenefitsMy Profile

    • Lisa says:

      Liver is a powerful organ in the body that needs to be taken care of. It helps flush out the toxins inside the body. Before doing a liver cleanse it is extremely important that you do a colon cleanse first to rid your colon of toxins.
      Lisa recently posted…How To Care For Your Loved OneMy Profile

    • Wow such a great site. I just finished the liver cleanse and I followed it up with 10 days on the lemonade diet (Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse). I am not back to my regular eating habits yet because I have to fit into this dress on Saturday (lol), but it’s the truth. My plan is to go raw for 2 weeks, then vegan for 2 weeks and back to my vegetarian diet but eliminating any processed foods (cheese, chocolate & potato chips).
      Wish me luck!
      Glad I came across your site, it has a lot of useful info., I’m passing it on to my friends and family.


    • Salton says:

      This is very informative, aside from being under maintenance medication for over a decade, I have to admit that my eating habits are not healthy. I really think it’s about time that I start cleansing my liver so that it will function properly.
      Salton recently posted…Freeing Your Feet of Unsightly Dark SpotsMy Profile

    • kim says:

      Wow, what an informative and interesting article. I agree with you, the liver is a major playing in our health and we need to take care of it. It is amazing what a cleanse can do, those pictures are awsome!

      Thanks for sharing
      kim recently posted…Raw Blueberry Flax PancakesMy Profile


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