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You Are What You Eat

By | August 18th, 2012 | Modified - January 18th, 2015

You Are What You Eat – A Phrase That Is Driving A Journey

You Are What You Eat - A Phrase That Is Driving A Journey
You Are What You Eat – A Phrase That Is Driving A Journey

Growing up I would hear this phrase “You are what you eat,” or would hear the question “Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat?” LOL, that question used to confuse an over-thinker like myself, and I used to think “Why is my mother trying to confuse me?” LOL! There wasn’t much conversation about the topic though, just some words dropped here and there to stir up thoughts about my relationship to food.

I have had a pretty good relationship with food through my life and I haven’t been a slave to it, but my turn to veganism and my study of food has given me broader view and understanding of the meaning of “you are what you eat.”

My vegan journey has made me realize that I am not separate from the life around me. Our bodies small ecosystems that live within a larger ecosystem; the earth. Our bodies are made of the substances of the earth, and it needs those same substances to maintain itself. It also needs those substances in a particular ratio, or our bodies are thrown out of sync. Don’t you know it, the plant life around us is made up of that delicate balance.

Our bodies are amazing. They are living organisms and can you believe they need metals to survive? Shouldn’t metals just be in cars and buildings? (That was my attempt at humor.) Our bodies are carbon-based but they need trace metal elements to survive. We need to consume metals like iron, copper, zinc, and calcium. Yes, calcium is a gray alkaline earth metal and is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Plant life grows from the earth absorbs these elements and other compounds from the soil, so they are able to give us back we need to maintain homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is the state where all the organs and functions of the body operate at and optimal level.

This life giving vegetation and its fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds develop with nutrients that are in a particular balance with each other. When we consume them we absorb their naturally developed balances, and since our bodies are composed of these balances they are able to use them efficiently.

Now I understand what “you are what you eat” in a holistic way. My body is made from the earth, and when I sustain it with plant food that grows from the earth I support its strength and vitality.

Though I am vegan, I have to say I don’t think it is bad if people eat meat. I do think they should only eat animals that are raised humanely and are fed unprocessed foods that they would normally find in nature.

The thing is if you are not eating organic meat, you are eating meat from animals that are fed growth-hormones, antibiotics, chicken feces, candy, and other chemicals that compromise your health.

We have gone from eating foods that were naturally balanced and supported the health of our bodies, to eating foods that are unbalanced and contain growth-hormones, antibiotics, bacteria, foreign chemical substances, and illness.

On my vegan journey I have decided to eat alkaline producing vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and grains. Most of these substances are naturally occurring as alkaline producing substances, and this is important because optimally our bodies exist in a slightly alkaline state. I have decided not to eat meat, dairy, and highly processed foods because they cause a buildup of mucus, chronic inflammation, and acidity in the body.

Our blood and fluids should have a 7.4 pH to support optimal health. A 7.4 pH level is slightly alkaline and eating a mostly alkaline diet will help keep the blood and fluids in the body at this optimal pH level. An alkaline environment in the body also makes it difficult for disease to thrive.

Eating naturally growing vegetation, fruits, nuts, and legumes not only provide our bodies with compounds/nutrients in ratios that life supporting and healing, they also alkalize the body to maintain an optimal pH level and to fight disease.

You are what you eat. Eat a diet high in whole plant-based foods and be healthy, young, and vibrant, or eat meat, dairy, and processed foods and let sickness sink in.

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