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Papaya’s Papain Benefits – A Protein Digesting Enzyme

By | September 27th, 2012 | Modified - February 28th, 2019
Papaya's Papain Benefits - A Protein Digesting Enzyme
Papaya’s Papain Enzyme Digests Proteins

I Used Papaya’s Papain Protein Digesting Enzyme To Help Clean My Small Intestine

Papain is also a protein digesting enzyme found in papaya. Papain, also known as papaya proteinase, is a cysteine protease enzyme.

I used papain to remove proteins caught in the mucoid lining my small intestine as part of my small intestine cleanse.

It was very important to me to clean my small intestine as part of my organ cleansing program because the small intestine is responsible for the absorption of most of our nutrients into the bloodstream.

Having a small intestine clogged with a harmful mucoid protein laden lining makes it difficult to effectively absorb nutrients into the bloodstream.

The proteins caught in the mucoid lining must be removed in order for the mucus removing mullein to be able to remove the mucoid effectively.

Proteins are chains of nitrogen based compounds called amino acids held together by peptide bonds. Papain protein digesting enzymes work by breaking the peptide bonds in proteins resulting in smaller amino acids and peptides, which are assimilated by the body.

People of South America have traditionally used the papain properties of papaya as a meat tenderizer. The papaya or papain is applied to meats for a short period of time, just enough time for the papain to weaken the the protein bonds of the meat.

Leaving the papaya or papain on the meat for too long will make the meat too mushy.

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Papain Aids Protein Digestion

Papaya has also been used to aid and maintain good digestion. The pancreas releases its own enzymes that pass into the small intestine to break down proteins. For people with digestive or pancreatic problems, or people who eat a lot of meat, papain can be used to help the protein digestive process.

Traditional Uses of Papain | Papaya

Along with papaya’s papain enzyme’s traditional use as a meat tenderizer, it has also been used in skin an burn treatments. Papain has been used in traditional or alternate medicine for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in treating bedsores, burns, skin ulcers, and wounds. Papain should not be used on open wounds, but is used on dry and healed wounds to remove dead skin.

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