Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Vegan Diet: Its Affect On Me

By | February 21st, 2013 | Modified - June 27th, 2017

Simply Wonderful – My Plant Based Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet: Its Affect On Me

My vegan diet* journey has been wonderful. It is incredible how cleaning my organs and feeding my body the food it needs has strengthened my body, fortified my health, boosted my energy, cleared my mind, and best of all is how it keeps my mood strongly on the positive side. (Note: I don’t have any pictures of me when I first started my vegan diet because I didn’t start the diet to lose weight. I started the diet to strengthen my health, and the weight loss was just a byproduct.)

My vegan diet has resulted in my weight and energy returning to where they were when I was in my twenties. I am forty five now and I am feeling great. Who says youth is wasted on the youth? I have regained my youth and it feels wonderful. Whoever wants to test this, you are welcome (smile). One thing that is great about regaining this youthful feeling at my age is that I have learned so much more now than when I was in my twenties, and I am able to positively focus this physical and mental clarity.

Vegan Diet: Weight Loss Benefits

When I started on this vegan diet* my weight hovered around 180lbs. Now my weight hovers between 155-160lbs. Now please don’t envision a scrawny weakling. I am 5’9″ and I am very lean and muscular, and I have very strong endurance. I post videos of my workout exercises for people who doubt this. I have become very lean and the only downside is that I had to buy new clothes because my old clothes are too big for me now. I went from wearing a 36″ waist sized pants to a 34″ waist sized pants. My waist size is really 32″ but if I buy pants that size they will be too tight on my butt.

Vegan Diet: Blood Circulation Benefits

When I was younger I could see the veins running from my shoulders down through my biceps, through my forearms, and into my hands. As I got older they started to fade. Now they have become more pronounced again, thanks to my vegan diet.

My circulation has improved which allows my organs to get oxygen and nutrients more quickly. I recently went to the doctor for a physical and I realized that as I got older, it took a longer time for doctors to find veins to pull blood.

There was no searching or waiting during my doctor’s visit. As soon as I pulled up my sleeve, my veins were ready for the technician to pull blood. My blood pressure was just where is was supposed to be, which also seemed to surprise the technician.

Vegan Diet: Increased Endurance

Since my blood circulation is better now since I adopted a vegan diet, my blood is easily able to transport oxygen and nutrients to my organs and cells. Even during my grueling workouts my body is more easily supplied with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to produce the energy that I need to sustain my endurance level. I can now work out for long periods of time without becoming exhausted.

Vegan Diet: Increased Energy

There is no way around it. I am forty five and I work hard every day. I am wake up around 5am and I usually don’t get to sleep until after 11pm. I work the same long and stressful days as many of us. This routine takes a toll on our bodies and minds and saps our mental, emotionally, and physically energy.

Grogginess is an easy state to achieve under these conditions, especially when getting older. I realized this is not necessarily due to us getting older. It is due to the damage we do to our bodies, minds, and emotional well being over time. Our bodies are our temples and when we ruin the temple, all that it holds becomes corrupted. This corruption was removed once I adopted a vegan diet.

My vegan diet has reenergized me and it supports my healthy living. I still sleep around the same amount of hours, but now I wake up right away and I am fully energized throughout the whole day. I also sleep much deeper than I did before. My mind has cleared and it is easier for me to think. The vegan diet is the miracle grogginess remover.

The Vegan Diet

I am blessed to have been introduced to the vegan lifestyle. I approach the vegan diet in a specific way which provides me with a balanced vegan diet. It is important to eat a balanced vegan diet so that you are supplied with all the nutrients yo need to maintain and support healthy living.

I eat an alkaline diet based on the herbalist Dr. Sebi’s nutritional list, which supplies me with all the nutrients I need, and the alkaline condition it creates in my body fights disease and supports my health.

The Bad Rap On Eating Meat

I feel the need to say this. Eating good meat is not bad. The processes of mass production of animals for our consumption makes meat harmful to us. The antibiotics, hormones, toxins, and the ill treatment of animals produces meats that are harmful to us.

We are what we eat. We take in all the nastiness introduced to animals and they destroy our temples, because their abundance of antibiotics, hormones, and toxins are transferred to us. Also meat is way too readily available to us and is way too large of a portion of our meals.

Our ancestors ate more vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains as part of their diet, and meat consumption was a smaller part of the diet. The plant based life we ate balanced the smaller portions of meat we ate. We need to understand our history to lay a good foundation for our futures.

Eating a vegan diet* or making a majority of the food we eat be plant based life, this is a more natural way to eat which supports our health and energy.

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Alklaine Plant Based Diet

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