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Elderberry Is a Natural Way Of Fighting Colds and Flu

By | August 29th, 2012 | Modified - February 28th, 2019

Fight Mucus Buildup With Elderberry

Fight Mucus Buildup With Elderberry Extract
Fight Mucus Buildup With Elderberry Extract

Elderberry, also known as Sambucus Nigra, has been used in alternate medicine for hundreds of years to fight cold and flu symptoms. I found out about elderberries when studying the ingredients the herbalist Dr. Sebi uses in some of his tonics. Traditionally, elderberries have been used to fight the flu and colds and now scientific research has indicated that its antiviral and antioxidants properties are the reason for its effectiveness. Research has shown that elderberry was effective against flu infections like H1N1 by binding to the virus and blocking it from entering host cells.

Late December 2011 into early January 2012 I had been fighting an annoying on and off cold. Funny thing is that I traveled to Florida in mid-January, getting out of the cold and polluted air of the cites of New York and New Jersey, and an hour after I landed in Florida my cold symptoms almost completely went away. I don’t know if it was the warmer temperature, the increased sun I got, or the cleaner air that was responsible. Unfortunately, an hour after I returned back to New York my symptoms came back. Someone mentioned to me that it might be some type of allergy. Yeah, maybe the combination of cold, lack of sun, and pollution makes me sick.

Anyway, it was shortly after I returned that I came in contact with Dr. Sebi’s approach to healing. I was very skeptical, but the more I studied his approach, which he had been using from the1990’s, I started to see that he was a pioneer of the thought systems that now drive the wholefood plant-based movement.

Once I started to study his tonics he uses to clean the organs of the body, to alkalize the body, and to remove mucus from the body, I came upon Sambucus Nigra and found out that it had been used traditionally to fight cold and flu. It became part of my herbal regimen that I took for around three months. Elderberry can be bought in liquid form like cough syrups, but I chose to take capsules of ground up elderberries.

After I started to take elderberry on a daily basis, my cold symptoms went away shortly afterwards and my sinuses have been wide open ever since. The mucus in my body has disappeared. I have stopped my heavy regimen of herbs and now I just rely on my wholefood plant-based diet to keep my body clean and energized. I do take some herbs, like the elderberry, here and there just to let my system know it is close by just in case any bacteria, fungus, or viruses want to act the fool. Keep clean and lean.

Elderberry benefits.

Elderberry flavonoids bind…

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