Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet


Learn more specifically about the herbs used in Dr. Sebi's methodology and how to use them in my book Alkaline Herbal Medicine.

Fucus AKA Bladderwrack Herb Protects The Thyroid And More

Fucus is a seaweed that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to address a wide range of illnesses. The botanical name for fucus is Fucus vesiculosus and is also known as bladderwrack.

Fucus AKA Bladderwrack Herb Protects The Thyroid And More

Guinea Hen Weed - Anamu Benefits

Guinea hen weed is a herb commonly used in Jamaica, and in South America its common name is anamu. The botanical name for the plant is petiveria alliacea…

Guinea Hen Weed – Anamu Benefits

Guinea Hen Weed's HIV Fighting Property

Guinea hen weed is an herb that is popular in Jamaica and has been used traditionally to treat a range of diseases including cancer. The botanical name…

Guinea Hen Weed’s HIV Fighting Property

The health benefits of ginger include¬†its ability to reduce inflammation, and fight bacteria and viruses. Ginger also reduces pain, soothes…

Health Benefits Of Ginger

The compounds in hydrangea root have been used treat autoimmune diseases, kill parasites, as a diuretic, blood cleanser, and to remove calcification to…

Hydrangea Root Herb Benefits

I am glad we have come to understand the properties of the mullein plant and its mullein leaf.

The mullein plant is native to northern Africa, Asia and Europe, and was brought to the Americas and Australia…

Mullein Leaf Clears Mucus From The Body

As in the case of bromelain, papain is also a protein digesting enxyme. Papain, also known as papaya proteinase, is a cysteine protease enzyme found in papayas. I used papain in combination with bromelain to remove proteins caught in the mucoid lining my small intestine as part of my small intestine cleanse

Papaya’s Papain Benefits – A Protein Digesting Enzyme

Red Clover’s botanical name is trifolium pratense and it is commonly known as meadow honeysuckle, meadow trefoil, purple clover, trefoil, wild clover…

Red Clover Benefits

When I started drinking sage tea and I realized it helped to calm my mind. I am always working on several things at the same time and sometimes my mind…

Sage Clears The Mind And Leads To Improved Memory

Herbalists use sarsaparilla to clean the blood and to treat skin conditions. Sarsaparilla is a vine-like woody plant, which is indigenous to Central and…

Sarsaparilla Benefits – Detoxify The Blood

Wildcrafted Vs Organic Vs Conventional Herbs And Essential Oils

Wildcrafted, organic, and conventional are three ways to grow plants. This applies to use of herbs or essential oils for medicinal purposes…

Wildcrafted Vs Organic Vs Conventional Herbs And Essential Oils