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Senate Bill No. 380 Gutted That Would Have Required Sufficient Nutrition Training For Doctors

By | January 17th, 2016 | Modified - June 29th, 2017
Senate Bill No. 380 Gutted That Would Have Required Sufficient Nutrition Training For Doctors
Senate Bill No. 380 Gutted That Would Have Required Sufficient Nutrition Training For Doctors

John McDougall authored Senate Bill No. 380 that would have required doctors to have sufficient training in nutrition. Dr. McDougall clearly made the case that 2/3 of the medical problems people faced were due to the foods they consumed.

Though this was the case, physicians were still taught very little about nutrition. McDougall made a very good analogy when he asked how a dog owner would feel if the owner took his dog to a veterinarian and the veterinarian didn’t have a clue what to feed a dog?

It seems like were are conditioned to take better care of and to expect better care of our pets than ourselves. It is quite obvious that people are overwhelmingly sick in U.S. because of the foods they are eating, and the situation is more than a situation of choice.

Big business uses psychology, marketing, and manipulation to confuse people as to which are the better foods to consume to support health and vitality.

Once people have become sick enough to see a doctor or end up in the hospital the priority is not get the well enough for them not to end back in the hospital.

The priority is just to treat the chronic disease that develops from poor nutrition, but not to support the cycle of chronic disease. Doing this will ensure a steady stream of consumers into the doctor’s office or hospitals.

Guess what though? The bill was passed! Yes it was passed! It was passed by it was gutted and became useless. The bill originally would have required doctors to take a 12 credit hour course in nutrition.

The bill was changed to require just 7 hours of study, and then the whole requirement was thrown out the window.

You have to take control of your health because no one else is going to do it for you, because business benefits from you being sick.

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