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Obstacles To Our Ability To Change

By | August 5th, 2012 | Modified - January 19th, 2015

Obstacles Towards Changing The Way We Eat

Obstacles To Our Ability To Change The Way We Eat
Obstacles To Our Ability To Change The Way We Eat

…continued from “How To Change Your Life.

Once learning patterns have been established and we want to change something about us, it is difficult for many reasons.

Because if the complexity of the situation we may end up feeling like we can’t change, and many times we settle with “this is way I am supposed to be.

Developing Bad Eating Habits

We first develop our taste for foods and how much or little we eat from what we are fed in our homes. The body becomes used food it takes in, and mentally we become used to the foods we take in.

We need to be mindful that different foods have different affects on the body because if you grew up in a eating in a different household in a different country your body would react and develop differently in that environment.

Now if you developed bad eating habits by eating a lot of processed foods, greasy foods, processed meats, soda, or ate meals late at night, you likely did these things because you were around family members who modeled this behavior or allowed it, or you could have done this as a way to cope with your stress.

Even though the body is a wonderful ecosystem and the body is made to heal itself from the natural foods we eat, we overburden it by eating foods that are full of fat, toxins, and bacteria.

We introduce toxins, bacteria, parasites, and viruses into our bodies through the foods we consume, air we breath in, and alcohol we drink. Our organs become overwhelmed and can’t effectively filter out the toxins from our bodies. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses love a body full of fat, toxins, and sugar.

These foreign invaders consume substances like the sugar a produce acid as a by-product and help acidify the body, which is the environment they thrive in. This acidic environment is good for them, but it is bad for our organs and our health.

So once these bad bacteria and parasites grow and overwhelm the body, they want you to continue to keep consuming the bad things because that is what supports their life. As your body starts to slow down and your immune system is attacked and you suffer from disease and a lack of energy, you may want to change.

Eating Healthy May Not Be Easy Change

Now when you are ready to eat healthy and stop providing an environment that the bacteria, viruses and parasites thrive in, they are not going away without a fight. If they can’t find nutrients to feed on they will feed on cells, if they weren’t already and cause disease.

Say you work on changing the environment in your body to one that removes toxins and alkalizes the body, parasites that cannot thrive in that environment and they can produce toxins to counteract this environment and cause you to feel sick at some point in the process. (You must continue on!)

They can trigger responses to make you crave for the harmful substances, which will help the harmful organisms to continue live and grow. So while we have internal things in your body that want to prevent you from changing, at the same time we have emotional and mental responses to your environment that also serve as obstacles to our ability to change.

We have been duped into eating many foods that weren’t once very bad but are now harmful and many of us are hooked on them. We eat meat and dairy that is loaded with fat, hormones and bacteria, and this meat and other processed foods are also loaded with additives, preservatives, and processed sugar that has a detrimental affect on our health.

Meat and even staple foods like cereal grains that appear to be the same as what we ate forty years aren’t the same. We have been conditioned to eat these foods because our parents ate these foods and they fed them to us.

The thing that has changed with these foods is that all the processing has made them harmful to us. But we like them and get addicted to them. The taste of them makes us feel good and many of us eat these foods as a way to combat our stressful lives.

So we face a uphill climb in the battle to eat better. We have harmful organisms that may have taken over our bodies and exert their will to have us continue to eat in ways that are harmful to our bodies because they thrive in that environment.

So many foods are bad for us because they are processed and we may not be aware they are bad for us. Our family and friends eat these foods and encourage us to eat the same foods as they do. We eat harmful fatty and sweet foods as a way to cope with stress.

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