Alkaline Plant Based Diet
Alkaline Plant Based Diet

Would You Switch To A Plant-Centered Diet If It Could Help Type 2 Diabetes?

By | March 10th, 2016 | Modified - June 23rd, 2017
Would You Switch To A Plant-Centered Diet If It Could Help Type 2 Diabetes?
Would You Switch To A Plant-Centered Diet If It Could Help Type 2 Diabetes?

If you were told could help your type 2 diabetes by eating a plant-centered diet, would you do it? Well maybe you might not believe it because Western medicine doesn’t promote it.

What if you were shown scientific research that supported that you could help your type 2 diabetes by switching to a plant-centered diet? Would you do it?

I hope you noticed I did not use the term plant-based diet, which implies only eating plant foods. Though a plant-based diet is more protective against diabetes, a plant-centered diet has been shown to help type 2 diabetes.

I ask the question because some people would actually have to think about it, because even though diabetes can be debilitating their health is not actually their primary concern. Too many people live to eat, instead of eating to live.

People have been programmed to live for the magic bullet, medical drugs, to cure their illnesses so they don’t have to take responsibility for their health by eating a healthy diet.

Other people having been strategically misinformed into thinking their diet has little to do with their illness and their illnesses are due to their genetics.

Some people want believe their illnesses are due to genetics even when presented with information to the contrary because they don’t want to be responsible for being disciplined.

Where do you fit in? Would you adopt a plant-centered diet, at the minimum, to help your type 2 diabetes if science showed it was possible, or would you opt for eating an inflammatory, diseasing supporting meat-centered diet and rely on medication to address your type 2 diabetes?

For people who just need proof that eating plant-centered diet, at the minimum, could help type 2 diabetes let me tell you there are more than numerous scientific studies that support a plant-based diet being protective against diabetes and a meat-centered diet promoting diabetes.[1][2]

This study[3] just plainly showed that just a plant-centered diet can help. Though this was a small study made up of 13 diabetic men and women, the results were so incredible that people who truly want to help their type 2 diabetes should really give the results of this study careful thought.

The participants had diabetes for an average of seven years and most had levels between 7 and 13, which is uncontrolled diabetes.

The participants in the study ate a well rounded whole plant based diet and were limited to 12 ounces of meat per week. The severity of the participant’s diabetes were measured by their hemoglobin A1c levels, which is considered the best measurement of blood sugar control.

At the end of seven months all of the participants were below 7, and most of the participants were in the normal range between 5 and 6.

This was achieved even though the participants didn’t eat only plant-foods, which would have been more protective.

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[1] Bloated Fat Cells Leak Fat Into The Bloodstream Causing Risk Of Diabetes
[2] Excess Fat In Muscles Causes Diabetes 2 – Yes Fat!
[3] D M Dunaief, J Fuhrman, J L Dunaief, G Ying. Glycemic and cardiovascular parameters improved in type 2 diabetes with the high nutrient density (HND) diet. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine Vol.2, No.3, 364-371 (2012).

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Alklaine Plant Based Diet

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